Cover Me: The Vintage by Colin Larkin A superb coffee-table art book showcasing Art of Pan Books the wonderful vintage cover art of Pan books. Terror Tales of Edited by Paul Finch The latest entry in our acclaimed series of The Home Counties regional horror anthologies. The Art of Reginald Heade by Stephen James Walker & Steve Chibnall A spectacular full-colour hardback celebrating the work - Volume Two of Britain's greatest 20th Century book cover artist.. Songs for Europe Vol 4 by Gordon Roxburgh Volume 4 of our comprehensive guide to the UK's Eurovision involvement covers the 1990s. The Jinx Chronicles Sam Stone A high-impact science-fiction horror trilogy collected in one beautiful hardback volume. - the complete trilogy Vincent Price: by Mark Iveson A fascinating guide to the classic British movies of celebrated actor Vincent Price. The British Connection "Doctor Who" spin-off video dramas. Mindgame - by David J Howe The long-awaited novelisation of two classic Special Edition