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Trade Book Orders
Anyone interested in placing a trade and/or dealer order should e-mail us at, with “TRADE ORDERS” in the subject line.

Orders Online
If you order online from us, then you may wish to note the following.

a) The website will set up an Account for you when you order books from us. Therefore when it asks for ‘Password’ it’s not asking for a previously supplied one the first time you order, it’s asking for what you want the password to be. So just enter there what you want the password to be. If you return and order more titles from us, then you’ll need to enter the correct password – ie the one you entered the first time. If you can’t remember it, then there is a ‘change password’ function on the site.

b) Payment is taken when the order is placed. This is a function of the website and the payment system we use.

c) On the website, under VIEW ORDER in MY ACCOUNT, your order is flagged as PROCESSING while it is in the queue to be dispatched. It will remain in PROCESSING until it has actually been dispatched, unless it is a pre-order title, in which case it will move from PROCESSING to ON-HOLD and remain in ON-HOLD until the book is published.

If you have ordered multiple books, and they are not all available at the same time, we will send what we can, and then move the order to COMPLETED to generate an e-mail to you, and then back to ON-HOLD until the remaining books are published. This process will repeat until you have received all your order, when the order will move to COMPLETED and stay there.

d) Once we despatch an order, we update the status from PROCESSING or ON-HOLD to COMPLETED, and this also generates an e-mail back to the e-mail address you supplied when you placed the order. This is telling you that the book is now on its way to you.

e) Orders are pre-processed before dispatch, and we do an order run around once a week, usually on a Friday. This means that if you order a title on a Saturday or Monday, then it won’t be passed for dispatch until the following Friday.

f) Orders can always be cancelled and any payments refunded at any point prior to dispatch. Just e-mail us at and we will sort it out. If there is a problem after dispatch (e.g. books arrived damaged, or don’t arrive) then please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Orders By Post
If you wish to order books and pay by cheque, then please first look up the costs on the site – add titles to your cart, and allow the site to calculate the shipping costs. Then send a cheque payable to TELOS PUBLISHING LTD to the business address above. Remember to include details of which titles you want, and also the address you want them sent to.

Publicity and Marketing
Please contact us on with any queries relating to review copies, publicity and marketing arrangements and opportunities.

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