Moonrise FAQ

What is Telos Moonrise?

Telos Moonrise is a new fiction imprint from Telos Publishing. Moonrise is a digital imprint, which means we will be preparing e-books and paperback copies of your book. The paperback versions will be print on demand and available from Telos Publishing’s website and from Amazon distribution all over the world, and can also be ordered by book stores in the UK. Your work will be edited and proofed, and will have a cover designed to a professional standard.

How can I submit a proposal?

See the guidelines under “Submissions” on the menu bar above.

Is there an advance?

We believe that authors should be paid for their work. Currently we are usually offering £50 as an advance against royalties, payable within 30 days of signing your contract.

What about ebook rights?

Because this is a digital imprint, Telos’s contract will ask for e-book and print rights. For previously unpublished works, your e-book royalty percentage will usually be 60% of the money that Telos actually receives from sales. For reissues of previously published works, your e-book royalty will usually be 50% of the money that Telos actually receives from sales.

What percentage will I get for print copies?

12.5% will usually be paid on the money that Telos actually receives from sales of print copies.

What other rights will you ask for?

Our contract terms will usually ask for audio, large print and hardback rights as well as e-book and paperback rights, for a minimum of five years.

Will I be charged for print costs?

Absolutely not. Telos Publishing believes that money should flow to an author, not from them. All royalties are based solely on the money actually received by Telos on sales of your book. Telos covers all other costs itself. You will receive a statement at the end of March each year following publication showing sales for the previous calendar year, and a cheque for any amounts owing. There will be no hidden costs or charges levied against your royalties.

Can I submit works that have already been published as e-books before?

Unfortunately no. We are generally interested only in works that have never before been produced as e-books in any format. We do consider reissues of books that have been previously published only in print formats.

What length do submissions need to be?

As long as the story you’re telling needs to be! But as a guideline to word-counts please see below:

Novella : 20-40 k

Novel : 70-150 k

Collections : 60-100 k

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