News Update – 18 May 2023

A few things to announce … it’s been a busy time here at Telos Towers!

Firstly, the new, expanded, revised and updated edition of STILL THE BEAST IS FEEDING, now celebrating FIFTY years of ROCKY HORROR should be arriving with us tomorrow (Friday 19 May), and we’ll be sending all the pre-orders out as soon as we can thereafter … This initial run of the book includes a FULL COLOUR 64 page section of images celebrating the history of ROCKY HORROR, so if you want that edition, then please get your orders in ASAP as it’s selling fast. Thereafter the book will include the Gallery, but it will be in black and white.

Secondly, we’re delighted to announce and launch the first two of JULIETTE BENZONI’s amazing MARIANNE series of Historical Romance novels:

The titles, which started being published from 1969, follow the life and loves of Marianne d’Asselnat as she makes her way through Regency France during the Napoleonic era, having affairs and assignations, and becoming embroiled in various intrigues, betrayals and adventure along the way.

The Telos editions also feature text which was originally excised from the UK editions for reasons unknown. ‘When we came to check the translations, we realised that several chunks of description and text had never been taken across to the UK editions,’ explains Telos publisher David J Howe. ‘So we have gone through them with a fine-tooth comb and reinstated anything which seemed to have been removed for no good reason.’ This means that the new Telos editions are the first time that the complete novels have appeared in English.

Telos agreed the reprint deal with Linda Compagnoni Walther on behalf of the Estate of Juliette Benzoni. The titles will all have new covers by acclaimed artist Martin Baines, and the first two titles are published on 1 June 2023.

Both new titles are now available for pre-order on the Telos site, and the Kindle editions are on Amazon for pre-order also. The paperbacks will be available on Amazon, but not until the publication date. If you want to support Telos, then please consider pre-ordering from us as we get to keep more of the money to invest in future projects.

The final two special DOCTOR WHO titles for this year have had their prices confirmed, and are now available for pre-order on the Telos site.

These are: THE ILLUSTRATED JOURNEY: a fabulous and amazing artbook from DARYL JOYCE celebrating the rich diversity of the series by depicting many TARDIS landing sites and other key moments from the show’s history. This amazing artbook is being presented as a coffee table volume, bound on the short edge for the hardback edition.

The other title is THE FANZINE BOOK. In this, ALISTAIR MCGOWN celebrates the history of UK DOCTOR WHO fandom through the many and varied zines which have been produced over the years … it’s an incredible and fascinating history of fanzines and the fandom that produced them … and all fully illustrated with as many covers from the 1000+ titles that we can cram in …

One final note for this update: Amazon KDP, who produce many of our Print on Demand titles, have announced that from the 20 June they will be raising their prices for all titles. We are reviewing what we have there, and while this doesn’t significantly impact on the small paperbacks, the larger, illustrated paperbacks and hardbacks are being badly hit … so we’re going to have no choice but to raise our prices for them … so if you want to grab copies of those titles, which include THE TARGET BOOK, our REGINALD HEADE artbooks, IT LIVES AGAIN, COVER ME, THE ART OF LOUIS SHABNER, INFOGOTHIC and TITILLATION THE ART OF PETER DRIBEN … at the current prices, then order from Amazon (or Telos) before mid-June!!!

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