News Update – 28/07/23

A book update!

Copies of Andrew-Mark Thompson’s THIS IS A FAKE! arrived early, and all the pre-orders have now been despatched. Despite many mentions and warnings online, people still didn’t pre-order and so we ended up running out of the free cardset and album early due to a heavy rush of orders from pretty much the second we announced that the book and cards were at the printers (at that point, we cannot change the print runs!). So the card offer has now ended, and there will be none of the cards and album available at Whoverville in September.

On the subject of the tea cards, there is a 37th card which is being sent with copies of THE FANZINE BOOK or THE ILLUSTRATED JOURNEY to customers who got the Tea Card Set when they ordered THIS IS A FAKE … so if you have the Cards and Album, and want the 37th card, then you need to order one of those two books direct from Telos. We are keeping records here so hopefully it will all work out!

Copies of Alistair McGown’s THE FANZINE BOOK arrived this week, and the amazing Sam has started the mailing process, though the initial batch of copies is unlikely to get to the post office today – hopefully over the weekend – initial copies should therefore start arriving next week. It’s a magnificent huge brick of a book … and we can’t wait to see reviews, comments, pictures of all the books as they are received and appreciated 🙂 One note on this: we had intended to send a copy of THE FRAME with every order, but found that we didn’t have enough copies to hand! So apologies, but this hasn’t happened.

Another huge tome of a book is Daryl Joyce’s THE ILLUSTRATED JOURNEY and this morning we signed off the final proofs, and so that is now printing … It’s even bigger than THE FANZINE BOOK!!!

We’re hoping we will have copies for WHOVERVILLE and a big Telos signing we have planned over the lunchtime period at the event with Alistair, Andrew-Mark and Daryl all there to sign copies of their respective books, as well as myself and Stephen James Walker … Copies of all three titles, plus several other Telos titles, will be available to buy at the event … but due to car space and the sheer weight of the books, we won’t have unlimited supplies, so please get in early if you want copies at the event!

Also at Whoverville will be our friends from REELTIME PICTURES, Keith Barnfather and Olli (the Rev Smallwood), and as well as making some more MYTH MAKERS productions over the day, will also be selling copies of their recent releases, which includes a DVD release looking at the work of director ANDREW MORGAN …

And by a spooky coincidence, November brings another title from Telos: AND … ACTION! MY LIFE IN TELEVISION, a smashing hardback memoir by director Andrew Morgan …

It’s available for pre-order now from the Telos site, but if you order the new Reeltime Pictures DVD, then there should be a flier in with it with a discount code for the book … 🙂 The DVD can be bought from Reeltime from:

As always, all Telos titles can be ordered direct from, and these three hardback DOCTOR WHO titles for the 60th Anniversary of the show will also be available from WHONA in the USA, and the shipping there should be a lot less than it is from the UK … They can be found at

We hope everyone enjoys the books as and when they arrive, and PLEASE post about them, review them, appreciate them … and overall CELEBRATE sixty years of the best show on television!!!

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