Sam Stone’s Vampires Come to Telos

Telos Publishing are pleased to announce that they have picked up publishing rights in Sam Stone’s popular ‘Vampire Gene’ series of novels. The series, currently standing at five novels, will be republished by Telos with all-new covers later in 2015, with the sixth book currently in development, JADED JEWEL, due for release in 2016. ‘Sam’s vampire novels are like a breath of fresh air,’ said Telos Publishing’s Editorial Director, David J Howe. ‘I love her characters and the worlds she builds, and they constantly surprise and amaze the reader. It’s a delight to be publishing the new editions, as we know that they are eagerly awaited by her fans.’

The series mixes horror and fantasy, with a slice of science fiction, as a ‘family’ of vampires explore their roots and heritage, coming up against evil and misguided forces out to destroy them. As the books progress, so the vampires learn how to fly and how to time travel, and the series shifts from high-octane adventure to dark military experimentation, whilst taking in colourful and painful memories from the past. These are serial killers driven by the need to feed, but the reader can empathise with them as they struggle against their lot to survive.

‘I love Sam’s writing and her ideas and characters just spring from the pages,’ commented Telos’s Stephen James Walker. ‘I’m delighted to be bringing these books back into print as part of Telos’s range of horror titles.’

The deal was agreed between Sam Stone and Stephen James Walker from Telos Publishing, and the titles are due to be published later in 2015, and early 2016.

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