Update as of end of day Wednesday (15th Dec) …

We have managed to get to order 11161 (which is the next to do) but unfortunately, we have run out of the card outers for the packing … which means that until the supplier delivers some more … we can’t mail any more copies out! Stocks were ordered last week … but it seems that the suppliers are also having challenges getting things despatched …

I know this is going to be disappointing to many, but with the books arriving a month late, and then needing to fit in the mailing around life, work and other commitments, we have done the best we can! This involved two or three trips to the PO a day with 10 or so sacks of mail every time.

With the POD systems also showing titles now arriving in 2022, it’s unlikely that we can get any more books out to arrive before Christmas. So apologies to all customers for any disappointment that this might cause. It affects all orders with an order number higher than 11161.

However, as soon as the packing materials arrive, we’ll be back on it, getting the remainder (which is about half the total!) packed and off to the Post Office.

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