Death’s Dark Wings


Death’s Dark Wings


Written by Raven Dane

A bold and visceral revisiting of the story of 1066, in a world where magic and technology clash.

279 pp. 6×9-format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-895-9
Published 25 March 2015

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From deep within a dark dimension beyond all that is known by the world of men, the soul of a great raven broke free, tearing through the Veil between worlds. The brutal rent in the Veil gave out a scream of warning resonating through the minds of human and Sidhe alike. The eerie sound tainted all souls, though only a few could hear it, and even fewer understood its meaning.

The raven’s cold, jet eyes took in the world of the living beneath the steady beat of its great wings. Its time was near.

Death’s Dark Wings is a bold and visceral revisiting of the story of 1066, in a world where magic and technology clash.

‘Raven Dane presents uncommon, alternate history, woven with a dark sensibility, and told with unbridled imagination.’ – Stan Nicholls

279 pp. 6×9-format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-895-9
Published 25 March 2015


Raven DaneRaven Dane is a UK based author of dark fantasy, steampunk novels and horror short stories. Her first books were the dark fantasy Legacy of the Dark Kind trilogy, Blood Tears, Blood Lament and Blood Alliance. These were followed by a High Fantasy spoof, The Unwise Woman of Fuggis Mire. Her steampunk novels so far are the award winning Cyrus Darian and the Technomicron and sequel Cyrus Darian and the Ghastly Horde. A third title, Cyrus Darian and the Fiery Fate is coming soon. She has had many short stories published, including one in a celebration of forty years of the British Fantasy Society and in international horror anthologies. These have included Tales of the Lake 2, alongside Richard Chizmar, Ramsey Campbell, Tim Lebbon and the late Jack Ketchum. She also had a story in Frightmare – Women Write Horror which was shortlisted for a Stoker award in 2017. She has appeared in two international lists of best female horror writers. In 2013, she was signed up by Telos Publishing for her collection of Victorian ghost stories, Absinthe and Arsenic and in 2015, the alternative history/ supernatural novel, Death’s Dark Wings.

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