Jinx Magic (Jinx Chronicles # 2)


Jinx Magic (Jinx Chronicles # 2)


Written by Sam Stone

A thrilling science fiction/horror novel from award-winning author Sam Stone. The second in The Jinx Chronicles trilogy. Think War of the Worlds meets Lord of the Rings via Men are from Mars, Women are from VenusJinx Magic is Book 2 of The Jinx Chronicles. It is an epic science fiction portal fantasy with dark horror.

234pp. 6×9 format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-111-0
Published May 2016

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With the help of the Jinx mage Kale, Jasmine Regis arrives back on Earth after a year spent on his race’s home planet Emin. She discovers that her one-time lover Taylor is now married and her friend Andrew is no longer the child she knew. Here, a full three years have passed since the Jinx captured her and took her away. As Jas battles to regain her friends’ trust and confidence, a shocking revelation unfolds about the people closest to them.

Contrary to the end, Jas yearns to return to the life she had on Emin, and to its powerfully erotic Emperor, Arven, with whom she pair-bonded. But first she must discover what lies behind the mysterious taint that has changed the Earth’s atmosphere, and the evil that lurks in a secret underground military base hidden in the hills of North Wales.

The second book in the Jinx Chronicles trilogy, Jinx Magic is a powerful tale of military conspiracy, alien magic, human nature and the will to survive.

‘The narrative’s hectic pace leaves the reader hungry for the next instalment as the story unfolds with some surprising twists. Just when the reader thinks the story might drift into a predictable avenue, Stone turns up the heat and surprises us with a sucker-punch.’ Starburst about Jinx Town

The second in a trilogy of high-impact science-fiction horror novels. With a cover image by award winning science fiction and fantasy artist Jim Burns.

234pp. 6×9 format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-111-0
Published May 2016


Sam releaseSam Stone began her professional writing career in 2007 when her first novel won the Silver Award for Best Novel with ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Awards. Since then she has gone on to write several novels, three novellas and many short stories. She was the first woman in 31 years to win the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel. She also won the award for Best Short Fiction in the same year (2011).

Stone loves all genus fiction and enjoys mixing horror (her first passion) with a variety of different genres including science fiction, fantasy and steampunk.

Stone lives in Lincolnshire with her husband David and her two cats Freya and Shadow.

Her works can be found in paperback, audio and e-book.

Praise for Sam Stone:

‘Sam Stone without doubt is a mistress of the grisly and the glutinous. She is one of the few horror writers who makes you feel when you have finished her stories that you need to wash your hands. Twice. I believe that we can look forward to seeing Sam Stone develop into a major influence in the realm of blood and shadows and things that wake you up, wide-eyed, in the middle of the night.’ – Graham Masterton

‘A deceptively readable date with darkness watch your step! This book is lit for the much more discerning chick (and cock) who likes to walk in the shadows. Relax with it, but be prepared for sudden jewels and little masterpieces and the rug to be pulled from under your feet.’ – Tanith Lee on Killing Kiss

‘I was floored by Sam’s work. Really flat-out delighted to see such a level of style combined with narrative drive. I suppose one could use those terms in an overly technical sense, but Sam is at a level that simply shines. Soaking in her story even while seeing her powerful ability to make me feel and see what the narrator is experiencing – she’s not only got a gift, she clearly knows how to employ it to powerful effect.’ – Gard Goldsmith on Killing Kiss

‘With all the style and charisma of Anne Rice, but less indulgence and crazy, Futile Flame is a sensual, deadly tale of immortals, sins and the unknown wrapped up in a vivid take on the past. Rich, enticing and utterly charming, Stone’s vampires are ambrosia to horror fans hungry for the good old monstrous vampires who look, walk and sound like us, but hold our deaths in their gaze.’ Michele Lee – Booklove

‘Enticing, shocking and delightful … A fast-moving story that’s spell-binding, as thrilling as it is intelligent and thought-provoking … Sam Stone writes with stylish panache.’ – Simon Clark on Demon Dance

‘Sam Stone has done it again, her immersion into the vampire world is so extraordinarily well-crafted that I am wondering if she is really Lilly, the protagonist vampire with a heart. And Lilly is more than a vampire, she has learnt witchcraft and – rare in vampire literature – can manipulate ley lines, using them as a power. Unusual too in that this vampiric feast travels the corridors of time, quite literally and in both directions … If Futile Flame was a flambé of vampiric lust, Demon Dance is its force majeure.’ – Geoff Nelder

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