Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings


Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings

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Written by Sam Stone

An anthology of 13 stories of horror and passion and six mythological and erotic poems from the new queen of vampire fiction.

Contains the 2011 British Fantasy Award Winning short story ‘Fool’s Gold’.

287pp. B-format paperback fiction anthology
ISBN 978-1-84583-864-5
Published 28 February 2011

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Something is sapping the energy of the usually robust dancers of the Moulin Rouge … Zombies roam the streets of New York City … Clowns die in mysteriously humorous ways … Jack the Ripper’s crimes are investigated by a vampire …

Welcome to the horrific and poetic world of Sam Stone, where angels are stalking the undead and a vampire becomes obsessed with a centuries-old werewolf. Terror and lust go hand in hand in the disturbing world of the Toymaker, and the haunting Siren’s call draws the hapless further into a waking nightmare.

Thirteen stories of horror and passion, and six mythological and erotic poems from the new queen of vampire fiction.

Chick-slash has never been so entertaining

Contains the 2011 British Fantasy Award Winning short story ‘Fool’s Gold’.

287pp. B-format paperback fiction anthology
ISBN 978-1-84583-864-5
Published 28 February 2011


Sam Stone

Dark Fantasy author Sam Stone began writing aged 11 after reading her first adult fiction book, The Collector by John Fowles. ‘I’d never read anything like it. It was terrifying – but so exciting…that’s when I realised I liked to be scared,’ she admits.

Her love of horror fiction began soon afterwards when she stayed up late one night with her sister to watch Christopher Lee in the classic Hammer film Dracula. Since then she’s been a huge fan of vampire movies and novels old and new.

The youngest of seven children, Sam struggled to find her own space and is a self-confessed bookworm. ‘I always have a book on the go,’ says Sam. ‘It’s my time. Life wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t chill sometimes with a good book. It’s where I learnt about life, long before I lived it.’

Sam’s writing has appeared in seven anthologies for poetry and prose. Her first novel was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. Like all good authors she drew on her own knowledge and passions to write it. The novel won the Silver Award for Best Horror Novel in ForeWord magazine’s book of the year awards in 2007. In September 2008 the novel was re-edited and republished by The House of Murky Depths as Killing Kiss. The sequel, Futile Flame, went on to become a finalist in the same awards for 2009. Futile Flame was later shortlisted for The British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel 2010.

An eclectic and skilled prose writer Sam also has a BA (Hons) in English and Writing for Performance and an MA in Creative Writing, which means that she is frequently invited to talk about writing in schools, colleges and universities in the UK. She is said to be an ‘inspirational’ speaker.

Praise for Sam Stone:

‘Sam Stone without doubt is a mistress of the grisly and the glutinous. She is one of the few horror writers who makes you feel when you have finished her stories that you need to wash your hands. Twice. I believe that we can look forward to seeing Sam Stone develop into a major influence in the realm of blood and shadows and things that wake you up, wide-eyed, in the middle of the night.’ – Graham Masterton

‘A deceptively readable date with darkness watch your step! This book is lit for the much more discerning chick (and cock) who likes to walk in the shadows. Relax with it, but be prepared for sudden jewels and little masterpieces and the rug to be pulled from under your feet.’ – Tanith Lee on Killing Kiss

‘I was floored by Sam’s work. Really flat-out delighted to see such a level of style combined with narrative drive. I suppose one could use those terms in an overly technical sense, but Sam is at a level that simply shines. Soaking in her story even while seeing her powerful ability to make me feel and see what the narrator is experiencing – she’s not only got a gift, she clearly knows how to employ it to powerful effect.’ – Gard Goldsmith on Killing Kiss

‘With all the style and charisma of Anne Rice, but less indulgence and crazy, Futile Flame is a sensual, deadly tale of immortals, sins and the unknown wrapped up in a vivid take on the past. Rich, enticing and utterly charming, Stone’s vampires are ambrosia to horror fans hungry for the good old monstrous vampires who look, walk and sound like us, but hold our deaths in their gaze.’ Michele Lee – Booklove

‘Enticing, shocking and delightful … A fast-moving story that’s spell-binding, as thrilling as it is intelligent and thought-provoking … Sam Stone writes with stylish panache.’ – Simon Clark on Demon Dance

‘Sam Stone has done it again, her immersion into the vampire world is so extraordinarily well-crafted that I am wondering if she is really Lilly, the protagonist vampire with a heart. And Lilly is more than a vampire, she has learnt witchcraft and – rare in vampire literature – can manipulate ley lines, using them as a power. Unusual too in that this vampiric feast travels the corridors of time, quite literally and in both directions … If Futile Flame was a flambé of vampiric lust, Demon Dance is its force majeure.’ – Geoff Nelder

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1 review for Zombies in New York and Other Bloody Jottings

  1. Paul

    Sam Stone has delivered a cracking bunch of short stories. Crime, thriller, mystery, horror. There really is “something for everyone” in this collection.

    Ameline: a very short story, but delivers a lot of impact. Rather a shocking one at that. It made me cross my legs!! Think Sam may be a bit warped in the mind to come up with this shocking tale.

    Fool’s gold: a rather clever story. This story is based on a few facts (Jack the Ripper) but with fiction thrown in giving an explanation for an unsolved crime. I really do love stories like this. Even though it couldn’t have happened the way Sam has written it I can’t but think “could it be right? We never did find out who Jack was”

    Lead poisoning: Lucy who works in the morgue sets out to solve a tale of mystery. Using her vampire skills to get what she needs to know. A very well thought out story.

    Zombies in New York: A different sort of plague spreads turning people into Zombie type creatures.
    This story is great! It’s gripping, filled with gore and rather intense the only down side to the story is …..
    It left me wanting more. Is that really a down side though? I’m not sure.

    Tar: Wolf fossil remains have been unearthed “it’s bigger than a normal wolf”
    Clever story, great idea something that’s never been done.
    I’m glad Sam didn’t kill him off (will make sense when you read the story. Don’t want to give anything away)

    Red: won’t say what it’s about. Spoilers.
    It’s a rather nice love story of sorts, with a twist that Sam delivers very well. I also found it very funny in places.

    Angels love Vampires: a vampire has a stalker and he’s an angel.
    Rather interesting idea, some very well thought out lines that the angel says that make you think.
    The above stories have a character in from Sam’s vampire books. I haven’t read those yet and you really don’t need too. These tales stand alone well on there own and don’t give any spoilers away, but if you’ve read the vampire books it will give extra detail to the character.

    Clown addict: title gives it away but someone is addicted to clowns and sleeps with them. One by one they get killed off in “funny” clownish ways.
    This story is written as a comedy but being scared of clowns myself I found it very creepy and not funny. Sex with a clown? No chance. To me it’s a horror story, Those without a clown phobia will find it funny. Works on both levels.

    Immortal Monster: A story about a writer his son, ex wife and new husband. When his son dies he throws himself into his writing using the events of his son as basis for his story. Turns out what he writes is fact not fiction.
    A very good ghost story but has no ghost in it. How did the truth get written? we don’t know. Nice ghost story without an ending.

    Chillers and Breathers: a girl ends up dead and two police officers set out to investigate. One officer is a chiller the other a breather.
    A very strange but enjoyable story.

    Blood loss : a story that’s rather tricky to explain. It’s about the feelings of a dead man.
    I found this story rather moving and also rather creepy that the dead can hear what we say about them. (God I hope that’s not true! Wasn’t me that said it grandad)

    Siren song: won’t say anything on plot for this one.
    I adore how this story is written. It’s like I was dreaming it myself but also written in a poetry kind of style. Fantastic!!

    Toymaker’s house: A film set uses the SFX man’s house as a set for their movie.
    OMG A truly terrifying story! I was opened mouthed reading parts of this story. It’s sick and twisted. Makes “Saw” look like an old vintage horror movie. This story would make a great movie.
    This story alone is worth buying the book for. My favourite story in the book. Wanted this story to be longer

    Altogether a great collection of short stories. Sam has delivered a collection of old monsters with a big change to each of them, making them all original. Also some rather interesting plots/ideas which I hope Sam explores more of in the future.

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