The Wells of Hell


The Wells of Hell


Written by Graham Masterton

A superb new edition of a seminal horror novel by one of the genre’s greatest exponents.

243 pp. B-format paperback novel.
ISBN:  978-1-84583-926-0
Published 15 September 2015

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New Milford, Connecticut is a peaceful old town where nothing much ever happens – until overnight the well water turns a sickly yellow colour … Then a local boy is murdered in bizarre circumstances and his parents disappear, while rumours spread of terrifying scaly crab-creatures lurking in the darkness …

From beneath the town, an ancient force of terrible evil is reawakening, claiming fresh victims to swell the ranks of a race that springs straight from the Wells of Hell.

Telos Publishing is proud to present a superb new edition of a seminal horror novel from one of the genre’s greatest exponents, Graham Masterton.

‘Graham Masterton is one of the few true masters of the horror genre.’ – James Herbert

243 pp. B-format paperback novel.
ISBN:  978-1-84583-926-0
Published 15 September 2015


Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh on 16 January 1946. After finishing his education at the Whitgift School in Croydon, he worked for the Crawley Observer as a cub reporter. In 1967 applied to work for the Daily Telegraph, but was turned down. He then went to his uncle, who worked on the Evening Standard, and was turned down again due to lack of experience. A day later, his girlfriend suggested trying a new magazine called Mayfair. He applied and was hired. As it turned out, he ended up doing virtually everything: writing the headlines, copy editing, typography – training that resulted in him being able to write about anything at short notice.

After three years, he moved over to the UK edition of Penthouse. The publishers had just started an American edition, which led to Masterton visiting New York on a regular basis, getting to know the American publishers. With the support of those publishers he started writing sex instruction books.

In 1975 he turned to horror. His first novel was The Manitou, which was an instant hit, selling half-a-million copies in six months, and was filmed with Tony Curtis playing the lead role. He followed that success with a stream of further titles. In the ’80s he diversified into writing historical sagas, thrillers, even movie tie-ins.

Nowadays he continues to write horror novels but after spending five years living in Cork, in Ireland, he has developed a bestselling series of crime novels featuring Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire.

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