Desolation Point

Desolation Point

Written by Andrew Puckett

The Somerset Nuclear Electric power station is beset by murder and sabotage in this gripping crime thriller.

239pp. B-format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-901-7
Published 31 October 2014

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A whiteness glimmering just beneath the surface of the cloudy water, rolling in the current … then a face emerged, eyes peering sightlessly.

All is not well with the Somerset Nuclear Electric power station at Desolation Point. It is being picketed by a women’s pressure group, who claim that exposure to radiation caused one of its employees to lose his infant son to leukaemia. Then Michael Hempstead, a senior engineer at the station, becomes involved with Sarah Brierly, one of the group’s organisers, and the problems begin to escalate. A colleague of Michael’s is found dead. Then there is a radiation leak. Accident or sabotage? Something very sinister is going on at Desolation Point, and the stakes are sky high.

‘Murder and sabotage at a nuclear power station as protesters gather at the gate and official nerves twang over a tarnished safety image’ – Matthew Coady, Guardian.

‘Chillingly plausible’ – Gloucester Citizen.

‘Topical and biting’ – Peterborough Evening Telegraph.

‘A cracking good read’ – Somerset County Gazette.

239pp. B-format paperback novel.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-901-7
Published 31 October 2014

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