Silver Scream – Vol 1 (Guide to 40 Classic Horror Movies)

Silver Scream – Vol 1 (Guide to 40 Classic Horror Movies)

Written by Steven Warren Hill

40 Classic Horror Movies 1920-1941

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418pp. A5 paperback original. Illustrated with many black and white photographs.
ISBN 978-1-84583-026-7 (pb)
Published 20 November 2008

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From somnambulist kidnappers stalking the streets of an expressionist nightmare to an ambulatory alien vegetable terrorising the crew of a futuristic spaceship, fantasy and horror film has explored every facet of human (and not so human) nature. From the earliest days of cinema, visions of blood-thirsty vampires, musty mummies, fanged wolf men, invisible men, insane phantoms and bolt-necked patchwork monstrosities have stalked, stomped, crept and lurched their way across popular consciousness.

In this two-volume series, we journey back to the very start, when the silver screen was silent and the horrors were presented in flickering black and white. We explore the development of eighty key films, with detailed analysis and biographies of all those involved in their creation from the writers and directors through the composers, cast and technical crew.

Revisit the days when the names of Lugosi, Karloff, Lorre and Chaneyruled the cinemas, and when the myths and legends of iconic monsters were created and developed. Come with us back to the time of the Silver Scream…

Contents – Vol. 1: The Cabinet of Dr CaligariNosferatu: A Symphony of HorrorThe Phantom of the OperaFaustThe Cat and the CanaryDraculaFrankensteinDr Jekyll and Mr HydeFreaks,Murders in the Rue MorgueVampyrDoctor XWhite ZombieThe Old Dark HouseThe MummyIsland of Lost SoulsThe Vampire Bat,Mystery of the Wax MuseumMurders in the ZooThe GhoulThe Invisible ManThe Black CatMark of the VampireBride of FrankensteinWerewolf of LondonMad LoveThe Black RoomThe RavenThe Invisible RayThe Walking DeadDracula’s Daughter,The Devil-DollSon of FrankensteinThe Hunchback of Notre Dame,The Invisible Man ReturnsDr CyclopsBlack FridayThe Mummy’s HandThe Devil Bat and The Monster and the Girl.

418pp. A5 paperback original. Illustrated with many black and white photographs.
ISBN 978-1-84583-026-7 (pb)

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Steven Warren Hill was born in Chicago in 1966 and has loved classic horror movies for as long as he can remember, thanks in part to his grandfather Karl’s own interest in the same subject. When Karl passed away in 1977, Steve inherited a collection of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine (issues 1-27) and a complete set of Aurora monster model kits beautifully built-up by Karl’s careful hand. With the coming of the home video boom in the 1980s, Steve was able to start collecting, watching, and rewatching all his favourite classic horror movies, something he still does to this day (though his top favourite film is BRIGHTON ROCK – not a horror film at all). He runs a number of websites including The Movie Title Screens Page (a gallery of – what else – movie title screens), The Fay Wray Pages (officially sanctioned by Fay Wray herself) and The Doctor Who Image Archive, under his umbrella site, not to mention the hugely popular Gallifrey Base Doctor Who forum. Steve also loves music, acting and moviemaking. He is married to Jill Petillo (no kids, one rabbit) and they live in Chicago. This is Steve’s first book. Erm, first two books.

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