Companion Piece – standard

Companion Piece – standard

Written by Mike Tucker and Robert Perry
Foreword by the Rev Colin Midlane

The thirteenth of Telos Publishing’s acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Published 18 December 2003

Escaping from one battle and straight into another, the Doctor and his companion, Catherine, find themselves on a far flung world where time travellers are persecuted as witches and warlocks by the Papal Inquisition.

The Doctor is arrested, his only hope of escape being Cat, but she has demons of her own to face, and as the Doctor starts to realise exactly what is happening, so time rapidly starts to slip away for both him and Cat.


Published 18 December 2003



Mike Tucker and Robert Perry

Robert Perry and Mike Tucker were born and brought up in South Wales, and it was in 1977, whilst they were at school (by coincidence, the same school as Russell T Davies, first showrunner of the new Doctor Who series) that they first met and started writing together.

They moved to London in the 1980s, Robert studying Law at the London School of Economics, Mike taking the Theatre Design course at Croydon College.

Since then, the two of them have pursued separate careers in the media Robert in a variety of roles, ranging from songwriter and musician with prog rock outfit ‘The Enid’ to story editor on the BBC’s long running soap opera EastEnders, and Mike as a technician and designer with the BBC Special Effects Department, working on a full range of television shows including cult favourites Red Dwarf and Doctor Who.

The duo’s writing credits include a number of short stories for Virgin Publishing and BBC Books, the Doctor Who novels Illegal AlienMatrixStorm Harvest and Loving the Alien and, for Big Finish’s range of Tomorrow People CDs, the audio drama The Sign of Diolyx.

Individually, Robert has written scripts for Family Affairs and Is Harry on the Boat, whilst Mike has contributed solo novels and audio dramas both to the Doctor Whoand ‘Bernice Summerfield’ ranges of books and CDs. He also co-authored the behind the scenes book Ace! with former Doctor Who companion Sophie Aldred.

The two of them are currently developing a number of story ideas both scripts and books for a variety of publishers and broadcasters, and wondering how the last 25 years have gone past so quickly.