Foreign Devils h/b – standard

Foreign Devils h/b – standard

Written by Andrew Cartmel
Foreword by Mike Ashley

The fifth of Telos Publishing's acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Published 23 November 2002



China, 1800, and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive at the English Trade Concession in Canton.

A supposedly harmless relic known as the Spirit Gate becomes active and whisks Jamie and Zoe into the future. The Doctor follows in the TARDIS and arrives in England, 1900, where the descendents of an English merchant from 1800 are gathering.

Among their number is a young man called Carnacki, an expert in all things mystical, and before long he is helping the Doctor investigate a series of bizarre murders in the house.

The spirits of the past have returned, and when the Doctor discovers that the house and surrounds have literally been taken out of space and time, he realises that their attacker may not be all they seem.


Published 23 November 2002



Andew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel was born in London and grew up in Canada. He studied at the University of London before taking a post graduate course in Canterbury and working for a computer firm in Cambridge.

Here he was head-hunted as script editor on Doctor Who, a post he held for three seasons.

Since leaving Doctor Who in 1989, he served as senior script editor on the BBC drama Casualty before working as an editor on several magazines.

He has written comic strips for 2000 AD and Doctor Who Magazine and a trilogy of SF novels in Virgin Publishing’s New Adventures range: Warhead (1992); Warlock (1995); and Warchild (1996). His latest novel is The Wise (1999).

He edited Starburst Magazine from 1999 to 2000. Most recently he was script editor and lead writer on the sword & sorcery series Dark Knight.

He has also written a number of screenplays, including an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death which has just been optioned.

Amongst other projects Andrew is currently working on a new play, a thriller called Dark Ride, which he hopes will be in production in London soon.