Nightdreamers – deluxe

Nightdreamers – deluxe

Written by Tom Arden
Foreword by Katy Manning
Frontispiece artwork by Martin McKenna

The third of Telos Publishing’s acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Published 15 May 2002



Perihelion Night on the wooded moon Verd. A time of strange sightings, ghosts, and celebration before the morn, when Lord Esnic marries the beautiful Lady Ria. However Ria has other ideas, and flees through the gravity wells which dot the moon to meet with her true love Tonio. When the Doctor and Jo arrive on Verd, drawn down by the fluctuating gravity, they find themselves involved in the unpredictable events of Perihelion.

But what of the mysterious and terrifying Nightdreamers?

And of the Nightdreamer King?


Published 15 May 2002


Frontispiece art:

Nightdreamers frontispiece



Tom Arden

Tom Arden was born in Australia and has lived in Ireland and England since 1990.

His principal work is The Orokon, a million-word, five volume sequence of novels comprising The Harlequin’s Dance (1997),The King and Queen of Swords (1998), Sultan of the Moon and Stars (1999), Sisterhood of the Blue Storm (2000) and Empress of the Endless Dream (2001).

Set in an imaginary eighteenth-century world, this darkly comic fantasy epic has been variously described as ‘grotesque’, ‘marvellously camp’, ‘a sprawling baroque tapestry’, and ‘a feverish cross between Georgette Heyer and Mervyn Peake’.

He has also written the offbeat gothic mystery Shadow Black, while other publications include short stories, columns, and reviews in magazines including theTimes Literary Supplement and Interzone.

Tom was educated at the University of Adelaide where he acquired a PhD in English literature. For seven years he was a lecturer in English, and he has been a full-time writer since 1998.

Among other interests he cites music, theatre, and travel. He has also been a Doctor Who fan since he was a child, when Doctor Who was one of the first programmes he saw after his parents finally, and reluctantly, acquired a television set. He vividly remembers the programme from the Jon Pertwee period.



Martin McKenna

Martin McKenna was born in London in 1969 and has been working as a freelance illustrator for several years, almost exclusively within the genres of fantasy, horror and sf.

Aged around fifteen, he became involved in the production of a couple of Role Playing Game fanzines, and also Dagon, a semi-professional magazine devoted to H P Lovecraft, for which he co-produced a comic strip with horror author Brian Lumley. This led to commissions for the Games Workshop magazineWhite Dwarf.

Over the next few years Martin worked on numerous GWproducts, resulting in copious scribblings of Orcs, Space Marines and Chaos type things including a few Fighting Fantasytitles.

Since then his work has been commissioned by Hasbro and Parker Games, and later Palladium Books and Wizards of the Coast for their Magic The Gatheringseries. In publishing, Penguin BooksUsborne BooksOxford University Press,Carroll & Graf, and Harper Collins have used his work.

In 1995 he received the British Fantasy Award for Best Artist and in 1997 gave up the freelance life to work for two years as a development team artist with Eidos Interactive, working on Deathtrap DungeonUrban Chaos, and Warrior Kings.

Martin is now back working freelance on all kinds of artwork for books and magazines, and packaging and in-game graphics for computer games.

In addition to the above, Martin has had work commissioned by:

Puffin Books, Hasbro Parker Games, Merlin Trading Cards,Fedogan & Bremer, The British Fantasy Society, Carroll & Graf Robinson Books,Monkey Puzzle, Wizards of the Coast, Palladium Books, Domark Black, Cactus Games, InterActive Vision, Subterranean Press, Oxford Designers & Illustrators,Little Brown, Orbit, GW’s The Black Library and 4Leaf Games Ltd.

His work has also appeared in the following magazines:

PC Strategy GamesInterzoneGames MasterAdventurerWarlockFantasy TalesScream FactorySkeleton CrewFarpointDeathrealmBeyondDark HorizonsChillsMystique and Kimota.