The Cabinet of Light – deluxe

The Cabinet of Light – deluxe

Written by Daniel O’Mahony
Foreword by Chaz Brenchley
Frontispiece art by John Higgins

The ninth of Telos Publishing’s acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Published 10 July 2003



Where is the Doctor? Everyone is hunting him.

Honoré Lechasseur, a time sensitive “fixer”, is hired by mystery woman Emily Blandish to find him. Lechasseur discovers that the Doctor is, in fact, a semi-mythical figure who has appeared off and on throughout Earth’s history. But what is his connection with London in 1949? And why is a mysterious group seeking “the cabinet of light” – a device somehow connected with the Doctor.

Lechasseur is about to discover that following in the Doctor’s footsteps can be a difficult task.


Published 10 July 2003



Daniel O’Mahony was born in Croydon in 1973 and grew up in Ireland and the South of England.

He has an MA in Media Studies, specialising in the early history of film, and has worked in far too many bookshops.

He has written two Doctor Who novels for Virgin Publishing’s New and Missing Adventures ranges of the 1990s: Falls the Shadow (1994) and The Man in the Velvet Mask (1996).

The Cabinet of Light is his first new Doctor Who book since then.

He lives in Hampshire.



John Higgins

John Higgins is an artist of remarkable ability (and adaptability). To some, he is the quintessential Judge Dredd artist. To others, the visionary behind the incredible World Without End. To others still, the man who brought colour to the world of Watchmen. To those who know him, he’s one of the friendliest people you could ever meet.