Mindgame – Target Edition

Mindgame – Target Edition

Written by David J Howe.

A novelisation of the original dramas produced by Reeltime Pictures and released on DVD by Koch Media.

138pp approx. A-format paperback novelisation.
ISBN 978-1-84583-986-4
Published August 2020

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‘A Sontaran, a Draconian and a Human … It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.’

Sontaran Field-Major Sarg, Draconian Colonel Eskon and a Human mercenary who cannot remember her name have nothing in common … that is until they are each snatched from their everyday lives to do battle in an alien arena on an asteroid suspended in the void! With a massive clash of cultures looming, can they each settle their differences and work together to defeat the alien intelligence which is trying to pit them against each other …?

And then, once returned to their own times and places, can they continue as they were before, or has the experience changed them all?

An exciting adventure from the Worlds of Doctor Who.

‘Finding this book was like finding a Target book that you never knew existed! It manages to capture the style and spirit of the good Target novels. Also, in terms of “physical book”, Mindgame was my favourite book. The people at Telos have clearly put a lot of time into capturing the look and feel of the 1970s Targets.’ avantuyl, Gallifreybase

‘… thoroughly enjoyable …’ Sue Davies, SFCrowsnest

Mindgame is based on, and expands upon, the 1998 Reeltime Pictures drama production Mindgame and the 1999 Reeltime Pictures drama production Mindgame Trilogy. Both released on DVD by Koch Media (titled Mindgame Saga) and available from www.timetraveltv.com. All characters are used with permission of the relevant rights owners. This book has not been licensed or approved by the BBC or any of its affiliates.

The special edition is an A-format paperback release, sized and designed to fit in with the Target Doctor Who novelisations. It features a retro-art cover by Andrew-Mark Thompson, and includes an 8 page full colour section of photographs from the making of the two dramas.

Mindgame is written by David J Howe, noted Doctor Who writer, collector and historian.

Original Scripts:
Mindgame © 1998 Terrance Dicks
Mindgame Trilogy – ‘Battlefield’ © 1999 Terrance Dicks; ‘Prisoner 451’ © 1999 Miles Richardson; ‘Scout Ship’ © 1999 Roger Stevens.
Sontarans/Rutans © 1974 Robert Holmes, used with permission of Patricia Holmes.
Draconians © 1973 Malcolm Hulke, used with permission of the Estate of Malcolm Hulke.
Rutans © 1977 Terrance Dicks, used with permission of Elsa Dicks.

138pp approx. A-format paperback novelisation.
ISBN 978-1-84583-986-4
Published August 2020


David J Howe has been involved with Doctor Who research and writing for over thirty years. He wrote the book Reflections: The Fantasy Art of Stephen Bradbury for Dragon’s World Publishers and has contributed short fiction to Peeping Tom, Dark Asylum, Decalog, Dark Horizons, Kimota, Perfect Timing, Perfect Timing II, Missing Pieces, Shrouded by Darkness and Murky Depths, and factual articles to James Herbert: By Horror Haunted and The Radio Times Guide to Science Fiction.

The book talespinning collects David’s many short story pieces and screenplays, and previous fiction titles include Daemos Rising. www.howeswho.co.uk

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3 reviews for Mindgame – Target Edition

  1. Paul Mount

    ‘A … rather charming and pleasantly old-school space opera novel hugely evocative of the Target books … a bouncy and energetic romp set in one of the more remote corners of the Doctor Who Universe.’ Paul Mount in STARBURST Magazine


  2. Stephen Arnold

    I know this isn’t a Target novel, but it’s as close to one as it gets in size, feel and content. David J. Howe expertly fashioned the original script by Terrence Dicks before it was edited down for the final Independent film production. It follows the story of three individuals from three different alien races. A human (played by Sophie Aldred), a Sontaran and a Draconian. All taken from an instant in time and thrown together in a battle of wills with an unknown adversary. The three protagonists’ personalities are expanded bringing them to life. The story just flows and you don’t want to put the book down. I would love to see David do a real Target novel, there’s plenty New Who ones to do. Great work David, I look forward to the next novel.

  3. Sue Davies

    ‘… thoroughly enjoyable …’ Sue Davies, SFCrowsnest – https://www.sfcrowsnest.info/mind-game-special-edition-by-david-j-howe-book-review/

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