2023 is the sixtieth anniversary of DOCTOR WHO, the BBC’s flagship time-travel series, set to return with Russell T Davies at the helm, and David Tennant returning for a further stint as the Doctor!

Telos Publishing, who have long been praised for their exemplary unofficial DOCTOR WHO books and guides, has announced an impressive publishing programme for the anniversary year.

‘DOCTOR WHO is our favourite show,’ said Telos’ David J Howe, ‘and we wanted to celebrate all aspects of it. It’s an exciting time for publishing, and we’re pleased we have put together a stellar line-up of titles!’

The schedule kicks off in January with publication of an authorised novelisation of the very first DOCTOR WHO spin-off drama. WARTIME was produced and released on VHS by Reeltime Pictures back in 1988, and now Stephen James Walker has taken the story and expanded it to create a self-contained adventure for Benton, one of UNIT’s faithful staff.

This is followed by several titles which all explore different elements of DOCTOR WHO’s fandom and fascination with the behind the scenes history of the show.

THE DOCTOR WHO PRODUCTION DIARY: THE HARTNELL YEARS by David Brunt delves into the detailed history of the making of the first three years of the show. Detailing on a day by day basis when all key decisions were made, the conflicts, the blind-alleys and everything else, the book aims to provide the most complete view of how DOCTOR WHO came to the small screen.

THE FANZINE BOOK: THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE DOCTOR WHO UNDERGROUND PRESS by Alistair McGown takes a look at DOCTOR WHO fanzines: unofficial works of enthusiasm and love for the show which gained prominence in the Punk tradition of the seventies, but which began much earlier. The book details the many fanzines produced in the seventies and eighties, and speaks to their editors and contributors about how and why they wanted to produce their own works. All lavishly illustrated with the covers of as many Fanzines as could be crammed in.

Finally, THIS IS A FAKE! A COLLECTION OF UNREAL THINGS is a book collecting together the astonishing work of artist Andrew-Mark Thompson. For several years now Andrew-Mark has been creating images of faux advertisements, never-produced products and fake history associated with DOCTOR WHO and other science fiction and fantasy shows. Some of these items have been so convincing that they have entered the mainstream as things which actually existed! Now all this parody and humour is collected together for everyone to enjoy!

For the Anniversary itself, Telos has been working with artist Daryl Joyce to create THE ILLUSTRATED JOURNEY, which contains page after page of amazing art from Joyce, depicting TARDIS landings from the very first adventure to the most recent. It’s an astonishing work of imagination from this talented artist, and reimagines just what these places could have been like, while remaining true to the actuality of the adventures themselves.

The titles are all being published by Telos Publishing during 2023, and more details can be found on the Telos website at Titles will go up for pre-order as and when dates are firmed up for their release.

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