Telos Moonrise – Update

It’s a long time since we posted an update here … and we’re sorry that Submissions for Telos Moonrise have been closed for so long as well. The reason is simple: Telos is a small company, and so it takes us time to get through everything needed to be done to publish any books …and a glance at the Store will reveal that we have been very busy indeed!

In the Moonrise line we’ve completed all six of Sam Stone’s VAMPIRE GENE series, and have also picked up Raven Dane’s MISADVENTURES OF CYRUS DARIAN series as well … plus there are other titles bubbling under which have not been announced as yet. All of these we have acquired through agents or other means, and they have kept us busy for the best part of 2017.

As 2018 rolls into view, we hope to be able to open submissions again, but it’s likely to be for a short period only, and looking for a limited range of subjects … again, this is because there’s only so much we can do.

So please keep an eye on the site … and the books we are publishing. Better still, familiarise yourself with what we do publish.


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