The Eye of the Tyger – deluxe

The Eye of the Tyger – deluxe

Written by Paul McAuley
Foreword by Neil Gaiman
Frontispiece artwork by Jim Burns

The twelfth of Telos Publishing’s acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Published 20 November 2003

Inhabiting a colony spaceship in the thirty second century are members of a religious cult which left Earth to find a world of their own. Their leader, Seraph, has downloaded his mind into the ship’s computers, but now he has gone silent, enticed and serenaded by a siren song coming from inside a black hole.

Trapped in orbit around the void, Seraph’s followers are confused by his silence, and when the Doctor arrives, he finds a world on the brink of chaos.


Published 20 November 2003



Paul McAuley

Paul McAuley was born in England on St George’s Day 1955.

He has worked as a research biologist in various universities, including Oxford and UCLA, and for six years was a lecturer in botany at St Andrews University.

The first short story he ever finished was accepted by the American magazine Worlds of If, but the magazine folded before publishing it and he took this as a hint to concentrate on an academic career instead.

He started writing again during a period as a resident alien in Los Angeles, and is now a full time writer.

His first novel, Four Hundred Billion Stars, won the Philip K Dick Memorial Award, and his fifth, Fairyland, won the 1995 Arthur C Clarke and John W Campbell Awards. His other novels include Of the FallEternal LightRed DustPasquale’s Angel, the three books of Confluence – Child of the RiverAncients of Days, and Shrine of Stars – The Secret of LifeWhole Wide World, and White Devils.

He has also published collections of short stories, The King of the Hill, The Invisible Country and Little Machines. He lives in North London.