Time and Relative – deluxe

Time and Relative – deluxe

Written by Kim Newman
Foreword by Justin Richards
Frontispiece illustrated by Bryan Talbot

The first of Telos Publishing’s acclaimed Doctor Who Novellas range.

Winner of Best Past Doctor Adventure award in Doctor Who Magazine‘s annual awards for 2001.

Published 23 November 2001



The harsh British winter of 1963 brings a big freeze that extends into April with no sign of letting up. And with it comes a new, far greater menace: terrifying icy creatures are stalking the streets, bringing death and destruction.The first Doctor and Susan, trapped on Earth until the faulty TARDIS can be repaired, are caught up in the crisis.The Doctor seems to know what is going on, but is uncharacteristically detached and furtive, almost as if he is losing his memory …

Susan, isolated from her grandfather and finding it hard to fit in with the human teenagers at Coal Hill School, tries to cope by recording her thoughts in a diary. But she too feels her memory slipping away and her past unravelling. Is she even sure who she is any more …?

Telos Publishing present Time and Relative, a thrilling and groundbreaking adventure: the first officially-sanctioned Doctor Who book featuring the Doctor and Susan set before the start of the TV series itself. The debut Doctor Who book by award-winning writer and film historian Kim Newman and features a foreword by BBC Doctor Who books supremo Justin Richards.


Published 23 November 2001


Frontispiece art:

Time and Relative frontispiece



wn_kim Kim Newman is an author, film expert and critic, an enthusiastic pundit of SF writing and one of Britain’s great eccentrics.

Born in Brixton in 1959, he grew up in Somerset, graduated in English at Sussex University, before coming to London in 1980 working with the Bridgwater Arts and Entertainment Collective as a kazoo player and cabaret performer.

He is the author of several specialist film books and has been a regular film reviewer and contributing editor for Empire and Sight and Sound magazines.

His books include The Night MayorBad DreamsJagoThe QuorumLife’s Lottery and his reworkings of the Dracula mythology Anno Dracula (which won the Children Of The Night Award for Best Novel from the Dracula Society and the Best Novel Award from the Lord Ruthven Assembly; it was also shortlisted for the Bram Stoker Award and the World Fantasy Award), The Bloody Red Baron and Dracula, cha, cha, cha. He has also published four collections of short stories: Famous MonstersThe Original Doctor ShadeSeven Stars and Unforgivable Stories, and his Where the Bodies are Buried … series of stories were collected in a limited edition hardback.



 Bryan TalbotBryan Talbot’s first published illustrations appeared in the British Tolkien Society Magazine in 1969 and since then he has become one of the most influential and respected graphic illustrators in the field.

In 1978, Bryan began the epic saga The Adventures of Luther Arkwright which, when collected in one volume in 1982 was one of the first British graphic novels.

He has worked on 2000ADJudge Dredd by Alan Grant and John Wagner, which included production of full-colour strips for the IPC annuals and a 20 page RPG strip in the first issue ofDiceman. For several years Bryan produced work for the American comic company DC on titles such as Hellblazer (with Jamie Delano), Sandman (with Neil Gaiman) and the 200 page prestige format creator-owned series The Nazz (with Tom Veitch).

Other work includes Mask, a two-part Batman story for Legends of the Dark KnightRaggedy ManTeknophage and Shadowdeath. Bryan has created a variety of comic strips for publications as diverse as ImagineStreet ComicsSlow Death,VogarthParadox Press’s Big BooksThe Radio TimesWiredKnockaboutI.T.and The Manchester Flash.

He has produced magazine illustrations, including covers for DC Superheroes MonthlySinclair User and Computer and Video Games, art prints and posters, badges and logos. Bryan has held one-man Comic Art exhibitions in Lancashire, Tuscany, London and New York, appeared in numerous others and is a frequent guest at international Comic festivals.

Editions of his comics are published in Italy, Spain, Germany, Brazil, France, Denmark and Finland. His graphic novel for Dark Horse ComicsThe Tale Of One Bad Rat, won an Eisner Award, a Comic Creators’ Guild Award, two UK Comic Art Awards, two US Comic Buyers’ Guide Don Thomson Awards and the Internet Comic Award for Best Graphic Novel as well as awards in Spain, Sweden and Canada, was nominated for a British Library AwardThe National Cartoonists’ Society of America’s Rueben Award and a Harvey Award and was included in the New York Times annual recommended reading list. It is now used in several schools, universities and child abuse centres in Britain and America.