Cracks in Time (“Doctor Who” 2010) – first p/b edition

Cracks in Time (“Doctor Who” 2010) – first p/b edition

Written by Stephen James Walker

The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who 2010

Cracks in Time is the comprehensive guide to Series Five of Doctor Who — the first to feature Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor, with his new companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill). An essential read for all fans of Doctor Who, continuing Telos’s unrivalled coverage of the show.

330pp approx. A5 paperback.

ISBN 978-1-84583-063-2

Published 30 April 2012

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Cracks in Time is the comprehensive guide to Series Five of Doctor Who — the first to feature Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor, with his new companions Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

All 13 episodes plus the Christmas special, ‘A Christmas Carol’, are discussed in depth. Also covered are all the associated major news stories, press releases, casting announcements and public response to the episodes. The arrival of the ‘new paradigm’ Daleks; the return of the Weeping Angels; the reintroduction of the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston); and the trap awaiting the Doctor in the Pandorica — all these things and more are recalled within these pages.

The book also details The Adventure Games series of Doctor Who computer games; the Doctor Who Live show; and all other significant events that occurred in the Doctor Who world during 2010, presenting all the facts and figures, behind-the-scenes notes, press reaction and detailed and insightful analysis.

Cracks in Time is an essential read for all fans of the show, and continues Telos’s unrivalled coverage of Doctor Who.

330pp. A5 paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-063-2
Published 30 April 2012

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Cracks in Time hb

ISBN 978-1-84583-064-9



Stephen James Walker became hooked on Doctor Who as a young boy, right from its debut season in 1963/64, and has been a fan ever since. He first got involved in the series’ fandom in the early 1970s, when he became a member of the original Doctor Who Fan Club (DWFC). He joined the Doctor Who Appreciation Society (DWAS) immediately on its formation in May 1976, and was an attendee and steward at the first ever Doctor Who convention in August 1977. He soon began to contribute articles to fanzines, and in the 1980s was editor of the seminal reference work Doctor Who – An Adventure in Space and Time and its sister publication The Data-File Project. He also became a frequent writer for the official Doctor Who Magazine. Between 1987 and 1993 he was co-editor and publisher, with David J Howe and Mark Stammers, of the leading Doctor Who fanzine The Frame. Since that time, he has gone on to write, co-write and edit numerous Doctor Who articles and books – including Doctor Who: The Sixties, Doctor Who: The Seventies, Doctor Who: The Eighties, The Doctor Who Yearbook 1996, The Handbook (originally published in seven separate volumes) and The Television Companion – and he is now widely acknowledged as one of the foremost chroniclers of the series’ history. He was the initiator and, for the first two volumes, co-editor of Virgin Publishing’s Decalog books – the first ever Doctor Who short story anthology range. More recently, for Telos Publishing he has edited the three-volume Talkback series of Doctor Who interview books and written a range of annual guide books to both 21st Century Doctor Who and Torchwood. He has a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Physics from University College London, and his many other interests include cult TV, film noir, vintage crime fiction, Laurel and Hardy and an eclectic mix of soul, jazz, R&B and other popular music. Between July 1983 and March 2005 he acted as an adviser to successive Governments, latterly at senior assistant director level, responsible for policy on a range of issues relating mainly to individual employment rights. His working time is now taken up by his writing projects and by his role as co-owner and director of Telos Publishing. He lives in Kent with his wife and family.

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