Aspects of a Psychopath

Aspects of a Psychopath

Written by Alistair Langston

One of Telos Publishing’s range of Telos Originals horror novellas.

A5-format paperback novella.

Published 18 December 2003

During the early hours of January 1st 2001, a young Swedish woman by the name of Lena Kimatra went missing after a New Year’s Eve party. The reports of her disappearance were, in the main, disregarded by the authorities and press coverage was negligible.

Aspects of a Psychopath goes deeper than ever before into the twisted psyche of a serial killer.

Horrific, graphic and gripping, this book is not for the squeamish. It’s American Psycho taken to its terrifying conclusion.


A5-format paperback novella.


Published 18 December 2003



Alistair Langston

With a career in the bar and nightclub scene behind him and currently employed in IT within local government Alistair Langston has previously written lyrics for the stage musical The Beast in the Tower in addition to the short musical film Glamour Overdrive.

He currently lives near Glasgow, Scotland where he has a number of projects in development.

Aspects of a Psychopath is his first novel.

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