Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

Written by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

One of Telos Publishing’s range of Telos Originals horror and dark fantasy novellas.

A5-format paperback novella.
Published 25 November 2004

When Porsche Winter sees a she-devil in a downtown Toronto bar, she knows this can only mean trouble. And trouble of the worst kind. For this is not just any she-devil, but Naamah, head she-devil and Lucifer’s right hand.

With Lucifer turning his eye to the Earth, Porsche finds allies in the most unlikely places, but can Naamah be trusted?

But defeating the minions of Hell isn’t as easy as it used to be. Stripped of her superior strength and healing ability as well as the weapons in Heaven’s arsenal, Porsche has only one very human body with which to fight the forces of Hades.

And so it is down to one fallen angel, a small cherub and a former stockbroker to try and save every soul on the planet.

A5-format paperback novella.
Published 25 November 2004

Unused cover by Rik F Van Koert:

Fallen Angel unused cover


Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime has had careers as a television producer, medical photographer and teacher. She is a four-time finalist for the Aurora, the national Canadian award for speculative fiction, and the author of three novels and over 50 short stories.

Stephanie lives with her husband in Toronto, Canada.

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