Book arrivals

We have just taken delivery of the finished hardback editions of TALKBACK 1 – and very nice it looks too. Copies are being despatched to the pre-orders and subscribers and we’ll be sorting the copies to the dealers and shops over the next week.

We have also received some early copies of the hardback of TIME HUNTER: THE SIDEWAYS DOOR. Again, the copies for pre-orders and subscribers are beind despatched. We expect to receive the bulk of these copies in about a month’s time which is when retail orders will be sent out.

The main stocks of the new Mike Ripley crime paperbacks: JUST ANOTHER ANGEL, ANGEL HUNT and ANGEL TOUCH should be arriving in about a week, along with the paperbacks of THE SIDEWAYS DOOR and A MANHATTAN GHOST STORY. Retail orders will be sent as soon as we get the books in.

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