Book update

A quick update on the status of the titles we have underway at the moment:

endoften-bigEND OF TEN – this is now at the printers, and we’re expecting finished copies by the end of August.

RULES OF DUEL – this is also at the printers, copies are expected end of August

cover_d03THE DJINN – we have just signed off on the internal art by Daniele Serra for this title, and as soon as we get the completed PDF back, then this too will be off to print, again expected back end of August.

WIPED – the text for this title is now complete, and it’s with the designer for layout. We’re hoping that this title will be available sometime in September.

TIMELINK – the long-delayed guide to DOCTOR WHO Continuity is nearing the end of its checking. When we get the comments back on the proofs, then these will be updated, the massive manuscript split into two books, and then off to print. We’re hoping we might get the books physically available by the end of September again.

TOYBOX UPDATE NO 3 – This is with Arnold at the moment for final checking, some writing, and the massive layout task. It’s underway, and we’re still hopeful that this title will see print by the end of the year.

Wiped F 100As always, pre-orders will be despatched as soon as we receive copies, but please be aware that at this time of year there can be delays due to holidays, and we know that during the last two weeks of August we won’t be in a position to despatch any titles ordered in this period, or which arrive during this period. We will catch up early September with everything outstanding.

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