Despatch update

We have received several emails from customers wondering where their copies of EYE OF THE TYGER, FRAYED and THE TELEVISION COMPANION hardbacks are …

Basically, because all the books arrived at once, we are now working our way through the massive backlog of orders, and as there is just myself and – mainly – Rosemary doing this, it’s going to take a couple of weeks before we can sort them all out and get them all mailed off. Please be patient with us – the site does ask people to allow 28 days from the publication (or order) date for delivery, and this is to allow us time to process the orders and get them in the post.

We did get the ‘special’ editions of EYE OF THE TYGER off to customers early as there were only 40 copies, and I wanted them to arrive before the Anniversary weekend.

Thanks to everyone for your patience.

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