As I’m sure it has not passed customers by, that the enactment of Brexit, combined with changes in 2020 to USA internal and international shipping arrangements, has meant that we have seen shipping costs for titles being sent outside of the UK soar beyond anything which most people would consider reasonable.

Added to which, the requirements of pandemic lockdown in the UK – which basically means that we cannot easily get to the Post Office to ship parcels (which is the most reasonably priced place) – means that we are having to rely on couriers for the deliveries, which again is more expensive.

We have also found that parcels sent by courier overseas have not been arriving, and in some cases are just being returned directly to us, without us even being advised as to what is happening.

We have therefore taken the hard decision to restrict shipping of Telos titles to within the UK only – another casualty of all that is happening at the moment! We will review this later in the year and see if things have improved on the costs. You should still be able to ORDER them if you are outside of the UK, but shipping will now only permit UK addresses to be used.

Meantimes, the majority of our titles are available from Amazon in whichever country you live, and occasionally (if they decide to list them) via TheBookDepository (which is owned by Amazon), so please check there if you want to get our titles.

Our Art Books are also available from Bud’s in America (details are on the ordering pages), and they may be able to ship to Australia or elsewhere if needed for a more reasonable cost, so please check with them!

We’re so sorry to have had to have taken this action, but when the shipping cost is running at more than twice what the book actually costs, we don’t want to see people paying those extortionate charges!

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