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London in the late 1980s – the era of Thatcherism and Loadsamoney – is an exciting but sometimes dangerous place to live. Fitzroy Maclean Angel gets by partly through gigging as a jazz trumpet player, partly through taking illegal fares in his de-registered black taxi cab, and partly through … well, just being in the right place at the right time. And, as he often says himself, it’s better to be lucky than good.

Back in print for the first time in a decade are the first three titles in Mike Ripley’s acclaimed ‘Angel’ series of comic crime novels. Each title is handsomely packaged and contains an specially-written introduction by the author.

‘Mike Ripley is one of the best things to have happened to British crime fiction in years.’ Birmingham Post

‘Full of good lines and has a plot that grips like a clothes peg.’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Brisk, eventful and genuinely funny.’ Literary Review

‘One of the best and most ingenious thrillers to come my way.’ Daily Telegraph

‘My laugh-aloud read of the year.’ The Times

Author Mike Ripley, on the origins of the series, from the Introduction toJust Another Angel:

‘I found a name for my hero: Roy Angel. From somewhere in the depths of memory, I remembered the name Ray Angel, who I think had been a BBC cameraman on Doctor Who. For some reason, the name had stuck with me, but I preferred Roy to Ray, and from that came Fitzroy and, simply because I couldn’t resist it, Fitzroy Maclean after Sir Fitzroy, the soldier and author of the amazing Eastern Approaches.

‘The title came from a line in a Dire Straits song, and it never occurred to me that the first book featuring Angel should not really be called Just Another …, mainly because I had no idea there would ever be a second.

‘Angel himself was based on an old friend from university days; I simply added the London location, my love of jazz trumpet-playing and my fondness for cats. Legal reasons prevent me from identifying him further. The de-licensed London taxi came from another fellow student at university, who had bought one long before actors and rock stars thought it cool to own one. A failing memory prevents me from identifying him, but I think he was called Simon.’

200pp approx. A5 paperback reissue novels.

Just Another Angel: 1-84583-106-3 (pb) £9.99 UK $9.95 US $14.95 CAN
Angel Touch: 1-84383-107-1 (pb) £9.99 UK $9.95 US $14.95 CAN
Angel Hunt: 1-84583-108-X (pb) £9.99 UK $9.95 US $14.95 CAN


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