Ordering Dalek Factor

A question from one of our readers:



As I’m sure ‘The Dalek Factor’ will be like a FA Cup Final Ticket (the people who never go to a match wanting a ticket) I was wondering if you have a cut-off date for people to pre-order to ensure a copy – for those subscribers who (like myself) are trying to budget for the amount of merchandise available between now and November.


A good question, and I wish I had an accurate answer. For the Deluxe edition, we’ve initially set the limitation at 800 and are monitoring it to see how it goes. When we sell out (if we sell out) on pre-orders, we’ll announce this on the site. We can increase the number, but after around the end of November this won’t be possible.

As for the standard edition, again, we need to set the print run around the end of November, so if you want to pre-order it, you really need to do that by then.


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