Release Delays

We’re sorry to have to announce, but the release dates of the titles planned for 2009 are going to have to be put back to 2010. The reasons are mainly due to the fact that Telos is run in our spare time, and for David particularly, this year has seen a lot of change which has impacted being able to progress the books. 
Therefore for all the titles:

Timelink – Doctor Who Continuity
Assigned – Sapphire and Steel
Destination Moonbase Alpha – Space: 1999
Silver Scream Vol 2 – Horror films

We are putting a new, tentative publication date on of April 2010. We hope that some of them might be available earlier than this, and if they are, then we’ll announce them here accordingly.

Sorry to everyone who will be disappointed at the delay, but we’d rather do this than to continue to promote dates for books which won’t be ready this year.

If anyone wants a refund as a result of this, then please email David at david @ and we’ll sort that out for you.

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