I’ve had a couple of people ask about the status of the reprint editions of some of our titles. I thought it was therefore worth mentioning them here as others might also be wondering …

First, The Target Book. The reprint for this is underway, but because it is printed in India, we’re not certain when we might get finished copies. This could be 6-8 weeks away because of the time it takes to ship them to us. As soon as we get copies, we will be despatching them to those who are waiting.

Howe’s Transcendental Toybox: Update No 2: 2004-2005 is also being reprinted, but in this case we want to do the reprint as a full colour book (the original was in black and white). Therefore we are having to re-prepare the files for printing. This is nearly complete, and as soon as we have that sorted, then the book will be off to print. I would conservatively estimate that as being available for despatch in about 4 weeks time, though as this is the first time we’ll have prepped a book for full colour printing in this way, there could be unforeseen delays along the way.

As with The Target Book, as soon as we have copies for despatch, they’ll be sent out.

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