Site update and new titles

The Telos site has been updated with details of all the new books for 2007. We have several superb non-fiction titles to tempt you with, as well as some top class fiction.

In summary, the new titles are:

Talkback: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Doctor Who Interview Book: Volume Three: The Eighties
Edited by Stephen James Walker

A comprehensive collection of interviews with the people behind the final decade of the BBC’s famous science-fiction adventure series. Stars, production team members, directors, writers and designers, all are featured in this latest addition to Telos’s acclaimed range of factual books aboutDoctor Who.


Third Dimension: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to Doctor Who 2007
Stephen James Walker

Third Dimension is a comprehensive episode guide to Series Three of the new Doctor Who, following the ongoing adventures of the Doctor (David Tennant) as he travels through space and time accompanied by his new companion Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) and rejoined by his old friend Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman).


Fall Out: The unofficial and unauthorised guide to The Prisoner
Alan Stevens & Fiona Moore

The Prisoner was ahead of its time, and in this book, Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore take on the task of debriefing the programme and attempting to make sense of the many interpretations and readings which have been placed on it. This is not the book with all the answers but it may help you ask the right questions.


Taboo Breakers: 18 Independent Films that Courted Controversy and Created a Legend
Calum Waddell

Taboo breakers. Films that pushed boundaries, overstepped the line or simply went all out to shock. Whether through their advertising or their content these are the movies that used shock tactics to sell tickets. Film critic and journalist Calum Waddell subjects 18 films to analysis and puts them into historical perspective, whilst discussing the films and their impact with those involved in their production.


The Target Book
David J Howe

This is the story of Target Books. Noted researcher and historian David J Howe chronicles the origins of the imprint, speaking to all the major players in its development, from editors to art directors, managing directors to artists and authors, and charts the books’ critical reception as well as the fortunes and failings of the many publishing houses involved in their production.


Time Hunter 11: Child of Time
George Mann & David J Howe

When Honore and Emily investigate the bones of a young woman in the ruins of a collapsed house, they are thrown into a thrilling adventure that takes them from London in 1951 to Venice in 1586 and then forward a thousand years, to the terrifying, devastated London of 2586, ruled over by the sinister Sodality. What is the terrible truth about Emily’s forgotten past? What demonic power are the Sodality plotting to reawaken? And who is the mysterious Dr Smith?


Force Majeure
Daniel O’Mahony

Somewhere in the Andes, in a nebulous border zone never claimed by any nation, is the last of the free cities. Candida is a blank on the map. Here there are dragons.

Kay travels across the Atlantic to Candida on business. She soon finds herself lost in an unfamiliar city without a job or a home. She’s taken in by the oldest house in the city and put to work by its inscrutable chatelaine. She may have lost control of her life but she knows that Prospero is coming to open the hidden city to the outside world.

While she waits, she makes new contacts, allies, even friends: the ex-gunrunner, blinded by the light; the soldier-poet, loyal to dreams of the dead; the courier who wants to become a bird; and Xan – fascinating Xan – who may be all of Kay’s dreams come true. They all have stories of the city, its history and its powers. Some of them might even be true.

Here there are dragons.

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