I’ve received a number of enquiries about submissions lately, and, apart from making me feel guilty, I felt I needed to make a more general statement regarding them.

Telos receives a great many submissions, and we like to offer an open-door policy to anyone to come to us. Unfortunately this tends to create a rod for our own backs as we have hardly any time to be able to read and respond to submissions in as timely a manner as we would like. Generally speaking, I can only really get to go through the print and email slush piles once or twice a year, and this is tending to happen around Easter and Christmas when there is some time to devote to the task.

So to everyone who has sent material in and who is patently awaiting a response, I’m afraid it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to get back to you before Christmas. I’m sorry about this, but it’s the reality of the situation that scheduled books will always take precedence over the submission pile.

We do welcome submissions, and next time I will certainly be looking through them with an eye to filling one or two slots in 2005, but please be patient with us.


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