Telos News – 27th March 2004


It’s been a while since we had any news on stocks of the Telos titles, but this last week we have sold out completely of the standard edition of FALLEN GODS. This means that it won’t be available as a part of any new subscriptions we receive, as well as being unavailable on individual order.

The deluxe editon of GHOST SHIP is also now sold out for individual order, but continues to be available as part of a subscription to the Novellas.

We have also temporarily sold out of the paperback of SPECTRE but this is being reprinted and we expect more stocks in June. The paperback of THE MANITOU is also now sold out, but we are not planning to reprint that at the moment. We still have 1 copy left of the limited hardback of THE MANITOU, so get in fast if you want it.


We’re delighted that George Mann’s superb science fiction novella THE HUMAN ABSTRACT has been picked up for special promotion by the Ottakars chain of bookshops in the UK. Copies of this title, along with Steve Holland’s biography of Hank Janson, THE TRIALS OF HANK JANSON, and our latest Janson paperback, WHEN DAMES GET TOUGH, are expected back from the printers mid-April. Copies will be despatched to subscribers and pre-orders as soon as we get them.

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