The Target Book – update

Just a quick update on the status of THE TARGET BOOK. We have now received the stocks of the paperback, and the mailing boxes arrived today as well, so we’ll be able to get copies off to everyone who has ordered it from us. I’m hopeful that we might be able to start to do this from tomorrow (Tuesday)so people get their copies before the launch/signing on Saturday.

Orders for shops and dealers will be packaged up this week, but as these are despatched via a mailing company, it’s unlikely that copies will be sent before Friday, meaning that they will arrive the following week.

The hardback editions are now ready, and are on their way to me via UPS (and you really don’t want to know what the cost to ship the hardback copies via UPS are!) to arrive hopefully middle of this week, in time for the launch signing.


We are also expecting/hoping that the hardback editions of TALKBACK 3 and CHILD OF TIME will arrive this Wednesday, and this is also the date for the paperback and hardback editions of THIRD DIMENSION. So apart from meaning that we’ll have no floor space left on Wednesday, it means that we should have copies of all the titles available for the launch.


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