The Tide is High

Black Tide, a startling new Zombie novella from Del Stone Jr is now available from Telos Publishing. The book was picked up for publication by Telos even as the author was completing a film deal on it, and the film script based on the novella, called Shallows, is currently under consideration at Hollywood’s biggest property-acquisition agency.


Miller, a university professor, and two of his students take a trip out to a spoil island in the middle of Santa Rosa Sound in the Florida Keys to study the effects of pollution on the flora and fauna. While they are there, a tide of black microbes is released into the river, and floods down and around them. They escape by burying themselves in the sand, but when they emerge, it is to a world which is strangely silent and changed.

Before long, burning figures are glimpsed along the distant banks, dragging themselves into the water. Then the attacks start. With daylight their only weapon, Miller realises that time is running out as an army of the living dead, intent on feasting on their flesh, is gathering in the surrounding waters.

‘A satisfyingly rich and literate story that serves up one hell of a nightmare’
Simon Clark, author of Night of the Triffids

A classic tale of horror in the great tradition of Night of the Living Dead.

Copies can be ordered direct from Telos Publishing. Please click on the ‘Original and Classic Fiction’ link on the Left Hand Side of this page and scroll to the purchasing link for the book.

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