Zombies At Tiffany’s Competition

To celebrate the publication of a new Steampunk/Zombie novella by the inestimable Ms Sam Stone called ZOMBIES AT TIFFANY’S (press release can be found here: http://telospublishing.blogspot.co.uk), we here at Telos Towers thought it would be fun to run a competition for all interested parties.

The winner will receive the dubious honour of being brutally slain and eaten by Zombies in the novella … not something that happens every day, I grant you, but in Ms Stone’s world of Victorian gadgets, invention, and attacking zombie hoardes, it’s a fairly commonplace happening.

To enter, we simply want you to name the author of the novella BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S, upon which Ms Stone’s newly formed fiction is very loosely inspired.

Please send entries to Telos Publishing at david@telos.co.uk to arrive before the end of JULY 2012. Please put ZOMBIE COMPETITION as the subject line. We will then put all the winners in a hat (probably a bowler, or perhaps a Fez), and select the lucky victim winner. They will receive the aforementioned accolade of being fictionally slaughtered, and also a signed copy of the finished book when it is published in time for The Asylum 2012 in Lincoln, at which event it is being officially launched.

The decision of Telos Publishing in the final result is final. To find out more about Telos Publishing, please visit www.telos.co.uk.

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