Book delays

Things never run totally according to schedule, and even the best laid plans can go awry. We’ve just been informed that reprint editions of ‘Skirts Bring Me Sorrow’, ‘Some Look Better Dead’ and ‘The Winning Side’, the new Hank Janson title ‘Accused’ and the new Catalogue for the second half of 2004 have been delayed by a month or so due to port strikes in Chennai. This means that we won’t be getting bulk copies until mid-July now. We do have a few early copies of ‘Accused’ and these have been sent to pre-orders and subscribers already.

More delays in the UK as copies of ‘Breathe’ and ‘The Clockwork Woman’, which arrived in the country at the start of June, are still waiting to be unloaded! As soon as we get copies here (currently promised next week, or maybe the week after) we’ll be able to send the paperback editions out to everyone. This does mean that the hardbacks of both these editions won’t be available until about a month after we get the paperbacks ourselves.

Finally, ‘Houdini’s Last Illusion’ has been slightly delayed and we’re expecting to receive copies probably sometime around the end of July now.

More information as soon as we have it …

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