Telos News – 5th June 2004


Sharp eyed visitors will have seen that the Telos Homepage has been slightly redesigned to start to take into account that the DOCTOR WHO Novellas will be disappearing at the end of this month.

Added to the site are the remaining books for 2004, as well as a few other tweaks and jinks to keep things moving smoothly.


On the 4th of June, we held a successful launch for the two new titles: THE CLOCKWORK WOMAN by Claire Bott and BREATHE by Christopher Fowler. Despite the fact that the Princess Louise decided that booking a room was no longer good enough, and decided to open it to the general public, and despite the fact that therefore they refused us permission to actually make any introductions to our guests and to properly let people know what was happening, all present had a good time.

Claire Bott and Christopher Fowler


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