Space:1999 Author Talks

destinationmoonbasealpha-bigRobert E Wood, author of Telos Publishing’s new guide to Space: 1999, will be appearing on Blogtalkradio’s NDB Media channel with Roger Noriega at 7:00pm, PST, on February 15 to discuss the book.

Robert E Wood is a Canadian artist and author who has been a lifelong fan of Space: 1999. He wrote Remember With Advantages (theatrical memoir of actor Barry Morse with frequent collaborator Anthony Wynn) and Anecdotes and Armadillos (as editor of the theatrical memoir of Zienia Merton).

Program call-in: 914-338-0314 or e-mail your questions to:

It looks like the show can be listened to online, or downloaded afterwards. The sitelink is

Copies of the book are available direct from

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