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destinationmoonbasealpha-bigFeedback on Telos’ new guide to Space: 1999,Destination: Moonbase Alpha by Robert Wood, has started coming in.

“An Absolute Triumph…”
“The book is an absolute triumph… The best book on Space: 1999. There are great observations about each episode and I really think you have crystallized what was special about the show… I love how you give context for us to love a show where we don’t always get the answers. You also prove that the subtle performances make each bit of humanity more rewarding… Brilliant!”
– Kit Bevan

“Other books have had the word ‘complete’ on the cover but don’t come close…”
“Excellent… Really love the exploration of each episode’s metaphor, literary influences etc., and also the incredible amount of comments from cast and writers for each episode… Other books have had the word ‘complete’ on the cover but don’t come close to the depth of research and discussion here – Anyone with an interest in learning more about this series won’t be disappointed.”
– dukedexter (AKA: the creative force behind Andersonic –

“Addictive… Awesome…
“VERY addictive… Saw Martin Bower’s photos – they’re not new to me but I’m glad they’re part of this awesome book.”
– Jorge Carmo

“LOVE the commentary from everyone. What a great idea. You have taken all these priceless, uncensored interviews done over the years at Cons… and put them into the most definitive well-researched balanced book on the history of Space: 1999 EVER!”
– Christopher Paulsen

“Couldn’t put it down!…”
“I just couldn’t put it down! This book really captures the essence of the series. The extensive use of interview material is what made the book for me… The true nature of why Barry Morse didn’t return for Year Two made my jaw drop as it’s something I really wasn’t expecting… The extensive episode guide was informative… This book has helped me understand the series so much better… A compelling read!”
– Rich (AKA: Achilles Messenger)

“Far more detailed than any book published on the series before… Robert Wood deserves a hearty congratulations for a job well done.”
– David Bobzien

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