Telos Publishing has announced four new titles for Spring 2022 which continue the publisher’s unrivalled coverage of all things Science Fiction, and which also delve into the often hilarious world of seventies martial arts film!

18 MARCH sees publication of two books which further discussion and exploration of the many worlds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. In ‘To Everything That Might Have Been: The Lost Universes of Space: 1999’, noted historians Robert E Wood and David Hirsch explore the early days and development of the Andersons’ live action series SPACE: 1999, revealing through recently discovered paperwork and letters much about the show that was previously shrouded in mystery. Adding to the discussion is Fred McNamara’s collection of essays, ‘Anderson’s Supersonic Centuries’ which explore all the Andersons’ series from the early days of THUNDERBIRDS and STINGRAY right up to the present day.

1 MAY continues the theme of exploring the past with the release of the much anticipated ‘The John Nathan Turner Production Diary 1979-1990’. The late John Nathan-Turner was producer of DOCTOR WHO for this period, and his time on the show was dogged with controversy. Now author Richard Molesworth lifts the lid on the era, and, guided by exclusive access to Nathan-Turner’s own archive of paperwork and letters, reveals just what the Producer’s job entailed on a day to day basis: who he met, what he discussed and where he went … It’s a fascinating look behind the scenes, and one which will inform future analysis of this era of the show’s history.

Finally, 15 APRIL sees publication of John Beckett’s irreverant and comprehensive look at the Western Martial Arts films of the 1970s … from dodgy dubbing, impressive hairstyles and tight trousers, John explores the films which broke the mould in the days following the release of KUNG FU on television, and ENTER THE DRAGON in the cinemas. ‘Flying Fists’ is the definitive guide to the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly of the genre.

All titles are available for pre-order from the Telos website at

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