Shipping Update – 16 January 2022

Copies of Telos’ new book, THE WHO ADVENTURES went out just before Christmas, following a 4 week delay on shipping and a 2 week delay on then getting the books to us – we wanted to get them out end of November, but it ended up being literally the week before Christmas!

David and Sam had to, between them, manage 4 pallets of books, over 200 heavy boxes, and get them signed, packed, addressed, and then put in sacks to take them to the Post Office … this took over a week of hard graft, working in between and around other work commitments, and 3 or 4 trips to the Post Office a day …

We also sent the UK books first class in this period in an attempt to get them to customers in time for Christmas …

We’re now starting to get the non-arrival complaints and concerns arriving … We have checked with the Post Office/Royal Mail and their advice is to wait until the end of January. There is a 2-3 week delay at US Customs for all packages, apparently, which adds to the normal 2 week delivery time (so items are taking 5-6 weeks to arrive). Other countries too are experiencing delays in overseas mail arriving.

Within the UK, there are apparently massive backlogs in London and other parts of the country, which is delaying mail deliveries there … added to which there were more Bank Holidays over Christmas and New Year than normal (and more still in Scotland) and again these have delayed the handling of post (this is what the PO/RM told us).

Combine this with paper copies of all the orders which we have to wade through to find individuals as not all are showing for reasons unknown on the PO’s online system, and you have a significant amount of work for us all in trying to deal with queries.
So please can customers be patient and wait until the end of January before querying non-arrival of post.

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