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A slightly belated Happy New Year to everyone. As usual, things have been moving fast and furious here at Telos Towers, and there’s a slew of news and new projects to update you on.


Since the last Newsletter went out in October, we’ve had several new titles released:

by David J Howe and Stephen James Walker

Everything you ever wanted to know about the cult BBC Television series Doctor Who (1963-1996).

On its first publication in 2002, The Television Companion was hailed as possibly the best guide ever to the BBC’s cult science fiction show Doctor Who. Now Telos re-issues their own edition of the book in a revised and updated version spanning two volumes, which remains the definitive guide to the television worlds and adventures of the Doctor and his companions.

Every story from 1963 to 1996 is covered in depth in all aspects of production, including plot details, cast and crew lists, episode endings, transmission dates, memorable quotes and popular myths. In addition there is a comprehensive analysis of every adventure, utilising reviews both contemporary and retrospective from a wide variety of sources.

This is the essential companion for every trip you will ever take into the TV universe of classic Doctor Who.

‘The bible …’ SFX Magazine

‘Another superior effort from what I consider to be the finest Doctor Who historians around. It is quite a hefty and involved read, and contains (almost) everything you’d want to know about the best SF Tv series ever.’ Reviewer on

‘If you’re looking for a Doctor Who episode guide, then you can stop looking as this is by far the best book you can buy about the television series.’ Sean Brady on

‘What is most memorable about The Television Companion is the fact that every story is given a balanced analysis – it’s not decreed that ‘Timelash’ is bad, for example, rather the authors draw upon a wide variety of opposing reviews spanning the years to present a genuinely interesting study of every story – which is altogether far more interesting than cut-and-dried opinions. The Television Companion is indispensable to all fans of the television series, especially because of the detail in which the Hartnell and Troughton stories are studied. The emphasis is no more in-depth than any other era of the show, but seeing as many of their stories no longer exist, it’s highly rewarding and an admirable asset to a potentially video-biased read.’ Brad Schmidt in TSV (#56, October 1998)

VOLUME ONE (Doctors 1-3): 400pp approx A5 paperback. ISBN 978-1-84583-076-2. £15.99
VOLUME TWO (Doctors 4-8): 400pp approx A5 paperback. ISBN 978-1-84583-077-9. £15.99
SPECIAL OFFER: Volumes One and Two: Paperback @ £25.00

For ordering details:

by Raymond P Cusick
Designed by Paul Smith
Introduction by Stephen James Walker

For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Telos Publishing is pleased to announce The Raymond P Cusick Signature Collection, a beautifully designed and presented, lavish, full colour book featuring many of Raymond’s own photographs of his sets and designs. The book is annotated with Raymond’s own descriptions and memories of the work he undertook, and includes some set designs and sketches as well as many never-before-seen photographs in black and white and full colour, all cleaned up and colour corrected by the book’s designer, Paul Smith (who created the fan project The Wonderful Book of Doctor Who 1965).

‘We were devastated when we heard that Raymond had passed away in February 2013,’ says Telos’ David J Howe. ‘He had been a good friend to Stephen James Walker and myself over the years, and we had spent many hours talking with him about his work. This book has been in preparation for a long time, and we even got the limitation plates signed by Ray late in 2012. With the blessing and approval of his family, then, we’re delighted to present this celebration of his Doctor Who work. Without Ray’s imagination and skill, the Daleks could have fallen at the first hurdle, and the show never continued on to the heights it achieved. It’s been an enormous pleasure to have worked with Ray and Paul to bring this book to fruition. We hope it’s a fitting tribute to both the show and to one of its most significant and well remembered contributors.’

Raymond P Cusick is rightly remembered as the man who created the unique and iconic look of the Daleks. Yet his main task on Doctor Who in the 1960s was to design the sets ~ something that may have attracted less attention but at which Cusick was supremely talented. He excelled at conjuring up strange alien worlds, with exotic shapes and unusual vistas ~ from the Daleks’ home world of Skaro to the curved architecture of the Sense-Sphere and the soaring city of Mechanus.

This book presents an extensive selection from Raymond’s personal collection of photographs of his designs for Doctor Who ~ many published for the very first time ~ with insight into his ideas, influences and accomplishments in his own words.

Telos will be publishing this gorgeous, 230x160mm, landscape 96 page book in two editions. There will be a paperback edition retailing at £19.99, and a deluxe, limited edition hardback at £39.99, which will come complete with a limitation signature sticker personally signed by Raymond P Cusick.

96pp. Full colour landscape book.
ISBN: 978-1-84583-090-8 (pb) – £19.99 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-84583-089-2 (hb) – Hardback signed by Raymond P Cusick and limited to 100 copies. £39.99

For ordering details:

by Richard Molesworth

‘Take “The Talons of Weng-Chiang”. Watch Episode One. It’s the best dialogue ever written. It’s up there with Dennis Potter. By a man called Robert Holmes.’ – Russell T Davies

‘Go find a list of favourite Doctor Who stories and look for the writer with the most entries! That’s our Robert! He took Doctor Who down from space and planets, and slipped all that horror and scariness under your bed and at the back of your hall cupboard.’ – Steven Moffat

‘One of his great talents was for structure and a non-linear approach to building a story, as well as his unique ability to come up with hordes of weirdly convincing names for aliens that would have put J K Rowling in the shade.’ – Robert Banks Stewart

‘Bob Holmes was the first writer I ever script-edited. I probably learned more from him than he ever did from me.’ – Terrance Dicks

‘He was an intelligent, literate writer. There aren’t a hell of a lot of those about, you know. And there’s one less now…’ – Chris Boucher

Those that know the work of Robert Holmes will not be at all surprised by the effusive and expansive appreciation in which he is held today by his colleagues, peers, and contemporaries. Whether writing scripts for the far-flung fantasies of Doctor Who or Blake’s 7, or for the more everyday gritty reality of Bergerac, Shoestring, Juliet Bravo or Public Eye, Robert Holmes was one of television’s most innovative, creative, respected – and least lauded – of talents from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. Now, for the first time, this book examines his work in detail. For this is Robert Holmes’ life in words …

450pp approx A5 paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-091-5

For ordering details:

by Paula Hammond

To celebrate Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, Telos Publishing is proud to present a collection of 50 previously-unpublished interviews covering all five decades of the show’s history. Author Paula Hammond has gathered fond and insightful reminiscences from a wide range of actors and behind-the-scenes personnel, including stars Colin Baker, Frazer Hines and Louise Jameson, directors Waris Hussein and Michael E Briant, writers Victor Pemberton and Bob Baker, guest cast members Derren Nesbitt and Angela Bruce, model-maker and author Mike Tucker, fight director Kevin McCurdy, costume designer Ray Holman – and many, many more. A perfect way for fans to celebrate this important landmark for their favourite show!

450pp approx A5 paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-092-2

For ordering details:

by Keith Topping

Television can be a storehouse of treasures, and one of its best kept secrets was a show called Charmed. Despite being scheduled at all hours, the series steadily built up a dedicated and vocal audience who became hooked by its beguiling and seductive power, attractive visuals and gentle wit.

Charmed is the story of the four Halliwell sisters, Prue (Shannon Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) and Paige (Rose McGowan). Together they are the Charmed Ones and they are sworn to protect the innocent.

In Triquetra, best-selling author Keith Topping explores every episode from the untransmitted pilot to the end of series seven, revealing the triumphs, the goofs, the guest stars, the intake of nicotine and alcohol, and generally gets under the skin of the Halliwell sisters and their lives, loves and spellbinding adventures.

‘An obvious labour of love and I’m sure a treasure waiting to be found for all Charmed fans, this is the nearest thing to a bible that they are going to find.’ Sci-Fi Online

540pp. 6×9 paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-872-0

For ordering details:

by Sam Stone

Chief Engineer Madison Whitehawk suspects foul play when a series of small anomalies occur aboard the ark ship Freedom. But Madison’s fears are nothing compared to the impending disaster heading their way.

As the team of scientists, engineers and crew take their precious cargo of colonists towards New Earth a deadly parasite has found its way onboard.

Soon Madison, Second Officer Crichton and colonist Syra Connor are fighting for their lives against trusted friends and former lovers.

What is the parasite that changes the minds and behaviour of those it infects? And how can the crew of the Freedom destroy the darkness within?

A thrilling sci-fi/horror novel from award-winning author Sam Stone.

‘Sam Stone without doubt is a mistress of the grisly and the glutinous.’ Graham Masterton

The novel is also available in an abridged form to download from Audible, and is also available to buy on Kindle!

Audio Download:

183pp. B format paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-874-4

For ordering details:

By Hank Janson

When a successful but brutish playwright is stabbed to death in the aftermath of a wild party, there is no shortage of suspects – but which is the killer? In his latest assignment, Chicago Chronicle crime reporter Hank Janson finds himself participating in a striptease party game, being roughed up by the police investigators and dodging the attentions of a determined nymphomaniac, while he desperately tries to separate the clues from the red herrings. With their erotic pin-up covers and hardboiled crime tales, the Hank Janson pulp paperbacks were a British publishing sensation in the 1940s and 1950s, selling millions of copies to readers craving escapism from post-war austerity. Prosecutions under Britain’s then-harsh obscenity laws dealt them a severe blow, however, and today they are highly sought after by collectors.

The Lady Has a Scar, originally published in 1950, is one of the most risqué of these classic novels. It is reissued by Telos Publishing complete with its original cover by celebrated artist Reginald Heade.

144pp approx. B format paperback.
ISBN 978-1-84583-873-7

For ordering details: Not yet added to site


We have a slew of new titles coming up, and while we don’t have firm dates or ordering details for them as yet, we wanted to let people know what to expect.

CELTIC SPELLS by Allison Beldon-Smith and Mary Baker: a small gift book, featuring a spell every week to keep your mind clear and good fortune coming your way.

SONGS FOR EUROPE: THE UNITED KINGDOM AT THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST: VOLUME 2: THE SEVENTIES by Gordon Roxburgh. Volume 2 of this acclaimed work which chronicles everything you need to know about the United Kingdom’s involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest.

BY YOUR COMMAND Vol 2: The second volume in Alan Stevens and Fiona Moore’s comprehensive guide to Battlestar Galactica.

THE FALL by Simon Clark. A classic horror novel from one of the best horror authors the UK has to offer.

THE IMMORTALISTS by Andrew Hook. Original and elegant crime novel.

BYTE ME by Roberta Steele. A steamy and sexy erotic novel … guaranteed to raise a smile.

CAPTAINS STUPENDOUS by Rhys Hughes. A steampunk adventure novel of derring do.

JINX TOWN by Sam Stone. First in a new science fiction/fantasy/horror trilogy.

THE AVENGERS GUIDE (title TBC) by Mike Richardson. The ultimate guide to the sixties television series.

THE ABOMINABLE SHOWMAN by Robert Rankin. A fantastic comedic romp through space and time.


The following titles and editions have now unfortunately sold out. There are no current plans to reprint them:




Over the last few years, Telos has been delighted to be publishing new paperback editions of the amazing Mr Mike Ripley’s ANGEL series of comic crime novels … this year it’s the 25th anniversary of the first book to be released … and here’s a lovely blog all about it!


We had a lovely surprise just after Christmas when the Daily Mail ran a page and a half feature entitled THE MAN WHO TAUGHT A GENERATION ABOUT SEX on the Hank Janson novels and their impact. The piece can be seen online here:


Stephen James Walker and David J Howe, Editorial Directors of Telos Publishing are delighted to announce that audio rights to Sam Stone’s Steampunk horror novella ZOMBIES AT TIFFANY’S have been picked up by Neil Gardner at Spokenworld Audio.

‘We’ve long been an admirer of Neil’s work in the audio field,’ says David Howe. ‘He’s a great supporter of genre fiction and audio, and so when he approached us about whether the rights to Sam’s book were available, we were over the moon.’

‘I am extremely excited to be bringing the zombie-infused adventure of Kat Lightfoot to audio,’ says Spokenworld Audio MD and lead producer Neil Gardner. ‘Having previously produced Sam’s short horror story collection ZOMBIES IN NEW YORK AND OTHER BLOODY JOTTINGS on behalf of AudioGO, I jumped at the chance to work on another of her brilliant stories, and bring Sam to my own audiobook label. We have the fantastic Stephanie Cannon back to read, and will be indulging our love for adding music and sound effects. Hopefully this will be just the first of many Sam Stone audiobooks that Spokenworld Audio will be producing … she is a unique talent who brings creativity and incredible imagination to everything she writes.’

‘I can’t wait to hear what Neil and the crew at Spokenworld do with my Zombies,’ says Sam Stone. ‘I was absolutely delighted with their work on my short story collection, and I know that they will do a fantastic job on this book too. It’s a pleasure hearing my characters come alive in this way …’

Autumn 2013 sees Spokenworld Audio rapidly expanding its audiobook range, with a whole host of titles including factual history, science fiction and anthology horror. Leading this slew of great releases will be ZOMBIES AT TIFFANY’S by leading UK horror author Sam Stone.

ZOMBIES AT TIFFANY’S – the audiobook, will be released on 31st October 2013, exclusively at


Stephen James Walker and David J Howe, Editorial Directors of Telos Publishing have acquired world rights in a new fantasy novel by bestselling author Robert Rankin. The novel, entitled The Abominable Showman, will be published in 2014.

‘We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Robert Rankin to Telos Publishing,’ said Howe. ‘I have admired and been a fan of his work for many years, and we intend to bring Telos’ commitment to quality and enthusiasm for good writing to bear, and to make the release of The Abominable Showman one of the most talked-about fantasy books of 2014.’

The novel concerns the celebration of Queen Victoria’s 90th year on the throne – and is set on a vast steampunk space liner in the year 1927. ‘The book embodies all that is loved and celebrated about Rob’s writing,’ said Howe. ‘It has a magnificent sense of the absurd, combined with characters which leap off the page. Rob’s fans are in for a real treat!’

‘I was delighted when we agreed that Telos Publishing would take this novel,’ explained Rankin. ‘I have long been an admirer of their catalogue of authors and books, and the enthusiasm and excitement that they bring to the publishing process. It’s something of an honour to join them in this adventure, with a novel of which I am very proud, and had a great deal of fun writing.’


Stephen James Walker, Editorial Director of Telos Publishing in London, has acquired world rights in a new horror/dark fantasy novel by Sam Stone, and in a new science fiction/fantasy trilogy from the same author.

The short novel, entitled The Darkness Within, was formerly published by AudioGo in both audio and Kindle editions, but when that company went into liquidation at the end of last year, the book rights were snapped up by Telos. The paperback and Kindle editions from Telos will feature a new foreword by Stone, and will also reinstate some of the material which was considered too strong for the audio edition. The title is currently available for pre-order and will be available soon.

‘The Darkness Within is my first dabble with science fiction. I was really proud of how it turned out and was disappointed when AudioGo went into liquidation almost on the eve of it’s first publication. There’s always a silver lining, however, and I am delighted that Telos has taken it on, and will bring my tale of Zombies in Space to a wider audience. This is my preferred edition as some of the sexual elements and more gruesome scenes had to be toned back for the audio version. It’s great that the book can now be made available in the form I intended.’

Telos have also picked up World rights in a new trilogy of novels by Stone, collectively called The Jinx Chronicles. ‘With the Jinx books,’ explains Stone, ‘I wanted to explore how humanity might really deal with an apocalypse. As with much of the work of Clive Barker, the series explores who the real monsters are. I had great fun making my alien invaders as sexy as possible, and my heroine, Jas, is hopefully intelligent, sassy and kick-ass enough to stand up to them. I describe the series as Lord of the Rings meets Independence Day via Men Are From Mars, Woman Are From Venus … it’s a great cross genre fantasy/science fiction romp, which also includes a healthy dose of horror!’

Jinx Town, the first in The Jinx Chronicles will be published later in 2014 by Telos.


Due to popular request, we have been making some of our backlist – and some new titles – available on the Kindle e-reader platform.

Most of the Telos titles on the UK store can be found on this link:

And those on the US store are here:

Going forward we hope to get more titles onto this format, as well as adding new titles as they are published.


As well as running Telos Publishing, David J Howe has been helping actor Frazer Hines prepare two items for release this year. The first is a photo book covering all of Frazer’s life and career. It’s called Fifty Shades of Frazer and is available to order now. Copies are expected very soon.

The second item is a new audio drama for Frazer called The Piper’s Lament. This is not a Doctor Who item, but the story of a Highlander who has lost a part of his memory.

Both the book and the CD are available to buy now from All copies are signed by Frazer, and can be dedicated if requested.


David and Sam have been involved with Keith Barnfather from Reeltime Pictures in the scripting of a new Doctor Who spin-off DVD starring Damaris Hayman, who played Olive Hawthorne in the Jon Pertwee story ‘The Daemons’. Damaris reprises her role of Olive, and performs a series of monologues telling the story of her life as protector of Devil’s End. The DVD is in production at the moment, and Reeltime Pictures hope to have it on release some time in 2013.

For ordering, please visit the Galaxy 4 specialist dealer:


Fantom Films have now released all of the audio-books in the Time Hunter range, and the entire series is now available to listen to. These audios are tremendous, and the readers bring great life and vitality to the adventures in time and space of Honore Lechasseur and Emily Blandish.

There are download and multiple order discount offers available from the Fantom Films website here: Currenty the titles are on sale, so head over there and pick up some bargains.



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