The Target Book – Update

A quick update on THE TARGET BOOK. As you might be aware, there was a printing error in all the copies of the book that we received initially, and we didn’t spot it until after we had sent out the initial tranche of pre-orders of the book.

Since then, the printers have been working out how to correct the problem, and we think we now have a good solution, so they are working on that. We will be talking with them next week about timescales and when we can expect to receive finished copies of the corrected books.

In the meantime, some good copies have been supplied to the Cartoon Museum in London for the Target Art Exhibit there. We will continue to try and ensure that the Museum has copies for sale as it’s the perfect venue for the book. In the meantime, we are intending to send copies of the corrected book out to EVERYONE who ordered it. So if you received a copy of the errored edition, you will receive another copy of the good edition as soon as we can send them. We will not be asking anyone to send the errored one back. So that’s yours to keep on us – a rare edition you might say!

As soon as we have more information as to timings and when copies might be available, we will post a further message.

Apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently for the book. And sorry it’s taking so long to resolve.

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