The Target Book – Update 9 May

The Target Book smallIt looks as though we will be receiving enough corrected copies of THE TARGET BOOK this week (Weds 11th May apparently) for us to be able to finally fill all the orders we have. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently for their copies to arrive. Matt Doe, who runs, has also kindly offered to supply further stickers so that everyone who ordered from Telos to this point should receive one.

In addition, we will be sending a good copy of the book to everyone who received one of the mis-printed copies. We don’t require anyone to return their misprinted copy to us. Please keep them as a ‘limited edition’ misprint of the book with the compliments of Telos Publishing.

The Cartoon Museum, who are hosting the Target Art Exhibit (which has now been extended by popular demand until Sunday 5 June) will also receive more stocks this week. Other shops and dealers will receive copies as soon as we receive the rest of the copies from the printers (which might be in a couple of weeks’ time). Again, we’re sorry about this, but under the circumstances, there’s nothing else we can do.

If anyone has any questions or concerns about their own copies, assuming you ordered direct from Telos, then please email us direct at and we will look into what the status of your order is. I’m afraid that we cannot respond to questions posted on forums, under pseudonyms and with no identifying details.

Finally, thanks again to everyone who has been so patient while this has been sorted out, and thanks also to our printers, who have done their best to keep it all moving forward under challenging circumstances.

We hope that once everyone receives their books, you’ll be able to post reviews and comments on Amazon and the forums and your own blogs and generally make sure that everyone knows the book is available again.  And of course we hope that everyone enjoys it!

David & Stephen

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