Update and Happy Christmas! Tuesday 21 December

We did it! With an amazing push by Sam and myself we have managed to get through all the orders of THE WHO ADVENTURES received up to this morning, and Sam is now off to the Post Office with 12 or so more sacks of packages for despatch. These are the remaining UK orders. We will be sending them all First Class again, and as long as the PO can process them all in time, HOPEFULLY this means that they’ll be with those who ordered in time for Christmas.

There are also 5 or so sacks of Overseas orders to take down, but at this point we wanted them to do the UK ones. The Overseas orders will be taken down to the PO later in the week …


And that’s it for Telos for Christmas 2021. We can’t now get any further orders out in time, and in fact we won’t be posting anything more until the 29th December.

Thanks to everyone for your incredible support this year – especially for THE WHO ADVENTURES! We love publishing the books, and it’s very gratifying when they receive such support in return.

Please, if you have bought our books from us, or from Amazon or elsewhere, if you liked them, please please leave a review somewhere. On Amazon, or on a Blog, or Goodreads, or post to Facebook, to forums, groups, pages, or just your own page (please tag us in (David J Howe or Telos Publishing) or Twitter (Tag @DavidJHowe1 and/or @TelosPublishing) or TikTok or Instagram or whatever other newfangled forms of Social Media there might be out there!! The only way a small publisher like Telos survives is largely by word of mouth, so we need you shouting about our books from the rooftops, mentioning and reviewing them on forums, and encouraging others to seek them out!!!

With that, it’s goodnight from us at Telos Towers until after Christmas …

Have a peaceful, happy and safe time, and thanks again for all the support 🙂

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