Update on Timelink: The Guide to Doctor Who Continuity

A couple of people have emailed us recently asking about the status on Timelink, the guide to Doctor Who continuity.

The current plan for Timelink is to publish some time in 2009. The main issue has been deciding just when to publish a guide to continuity given that there is, as well as regular seasons of Doctor Who, also Torchwood andSarah Jane Adventures to consider. After discussions with Jon Preddle, the author, we’ve decided to take it up to the end of this current season of Doctor Who, and then to publish in 2009 during the ‘gap’ year for the series which hopefully will mean that it will stay current for slightly longer.

We apologise to everyone who pre-ordered the book and who are waiting patiently for it to arrive. As always, if anyone wants a refund, then please just drop us an email at david@telos.co.uk and we’ll get that organised for you.

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